The search for the Secret of Monkey Island 2022 / hints, conspiracy thoeries, assumptions, clues

They are all in the 1.6 section, near the spiral staircase: from here…

…to here:

Al the titles begins with the “13:”, because they are 13 books.
Start with “A Worthy beginning”. At the end of the pages, you have 2 choices: they are other book titles. Choose the book you want to continue the story.


I made the very same mental connection, but I thought it was too obscure to post.

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Oh, my bad. I remembered they were scattered, I don’t know why.

That’s because during our internal conversation with Ron Gilbert, there was an initial idea to scatter the books all around. At the end, since there is an incredible number of backer books, Ron choosed to group all our 13 books together. And I think it was a wiser move.

Since I’m a crazy completist, I would have liked them scattered all around the library and getting an achievement for reading them all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have a look also at this conversation:

Being this the realm of Offtopia, you won’t be surprised to find dialogues on the secret in a conversation started to talk about a TwP card collecting game.

Someone in a Monkey Island discord linked this: Aric’s World

Reading the three early documents on Monkey Island? I’m pretty convinced that, whatever the Secret of Monkey Island is nowadays, it was originally meant as the hellgate and accompanying undead resurrection. Note that the concept of a “secret of Monkey Island” seems to exist before the game had anachronisms as a running gag.

“The secret was unknown, but legends value it as priceless.”

“A bizarre glowing crack which sits exactly where the map says the treasure should be.”

“That crack descends to a place at the center of the earth, the name of which changes from religion to religion, from faith to faith. Most pirates call it Hell.”


Ron writes on twitter:

13,000+ lines of dialog just went to be mastered. Of those 13,000+ lines there was only one we missed in recording. GUYBRUSH: “And the secret is [REDACTED]”

Oh well. Next game I guess.


Thimbleweed Park was about the same amount of lines.

Nah. That line wasn’t recorded simply because Ron should have killed anyone who was involved in the recording. That’s why that specific line was recorded in a sekrit location, using Ron’s mobile. And then, well, Dominic Armato had to be killed, obviously. So chances are we’ll have that line in the game.

Noah Falstein’s interview with Cressup:

Q: Are we any closer to finding out the secret of Monkey Island in this game?

A: Okay, here’s some interesting, provocative thing. I was working with Ron when he was working on the very first Monkey Island, the Secret of Monkey Island and I know what he had in mind for the secret way back then and it has a significant bearing on what you see in this next game. That’s as far as I’ll go. So, whether you get closer to it or not, closeness is a very subjective thing. There’s a lot about storytelling that will be up to the individual taste of a user.


Oooh… :neutral_face:

I have no idea what he is referring to, but I find this statement intriguing.

I wonder if he is able to make the connection between Ron’s original idea and the new game just observing what has been publicly disclosed about RtMI.

Edit: well no, I have my idea, actually. I think it’s related to the old “coming to age” trope. Back then, Ron was young and so it was Guybrush. Now that Ron has aged, I also expect to get a more mature Guybrush.

“The Secret of Monkey Island is like a grain of sand floating in a bowl of rose petals. If you remove the sand, you will destroy the stillness and beauty of the water.”


He is talking like he knows what RTMI will show.

Also, he could never say that by just looking at what has been publicly disclosed.(because that’s basically nothing)

This could mean that the secret was a vague and not completely defined idea; and in RtMI the details have been completely defined. But the core idea is intact.

Yes, now I have watched a bit of that interview and he says that he has playtested the game.

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Reading through that old post…

The Secret of Monkey Island, LeChuck’s Revenge, and the Curse of Monkey Island quite possibly all refer to the same thing.

If hellgate: It is a Secret hellgate that LeChuck traps Guybrush in for Revenge as part of an elaborate Curse, all on Monkey Island.

If boy’s imagination: The Secret is that nothing is real, and Chucky’s apparent Revenge attempts are just him trying to get you back to your parents, and the Curse is that this fantasy cannot be real.

who would talk like this, if Ron had simply implemented the secret he had in mind back then?
he would have simply said “I know what he had in mind back then, and he implemented this very well.”

Instead, he said the original secret has a bearing on what we’ll see. It’s like the original secret influenced what we’ll see, but what we’ll see is not exactly the original secret. I’m curious how this can be. Either the secret was a vary vague thing, or …?

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He would never reveal what Ron did, so he intentionally chose more ambiguous words.

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Tami Borowick, programmer on Monkey Island 2, also knows the Secret.

I do know the secret to Monkey Island, but if I told you, a wild troop of three-headed monkeys would chase me down and hang me by my littlest toenails over a totally indigestible vat of grog. Thankfully, players never die in Lucasfilm games. :slight_smile:

I wonder if that will be talked about in a new interview with her on Wednesday.


We all know the secret TO monkey island, if we read the recipe.