"The Secret of Monkey Island" according to your phone keyboard

Boris and Franklin were killed by a woman.

Thimbleweed Park is the first step toward a new and the only problem that she has raised.

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Guybrush is a good game but it has a very good point of game play and it has the game and I love the games I have to say it has a lot more to do it than the other games I’ve seen.


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Sure, the Artificial Intelligence, which gender is female.
It all makes sense now (or, in italian, everything squares)

Apparently the Secret of Monkey Island is “I accidentally build a shelf”.

Still makes more sense than the Monkey 2 ending! :slight_smile:

Now, I see. I thought the cat was walking on the hind legs. You’ve got me there. :grin:

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“The secret of Monkey Island is not available from shops in advance”


:reyes: The secret of monkey island is a 1990 point-and-click graphic adventure game developed and published by Lucasfilm Games.

You have a habit of writing wikipedia articles from your phone? :thinking:


Throw in a few "belive me"s and "the greatest"s and you´ve got yourself a Trump Speech.

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“The secret of monkey island isn’t a secret. That is not the case of course.”

Makes perfect sense!

"The secret of monkey Island is a great idea of a game"

"Thimbleweed Park is the best!"
Well said, spelling checker!

“Zak McKracken was the only game that’s ever been a game for a while.”
(Fun fact: it autocompleted McKracken for me after typing Zak)

"Maniac Mansion is but the first game."

"Ron Gilbert says the secret of monkey island is …"
It didn’t give any suggestion after “is”!!
This is scary!

"The secret of monkey island in my room I have to go back then again to see what I have been doing with the secret."


Strange, this should have been on MY phone! :grin::grin:

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Famous last words…

I´ve got something even more scary:

“Ron Gilbert says the secret of monkey island is a good idea that we can do it for you on that one day I will be there at all times to get back to the office of national security agency.”



Many of these really long rambling lines kinda sound as if they were written by this boy.

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The Secret of Monkey Island is that the startup of the map is pretty slow.

Uhmmm… Sounds familiar.

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“The secret of monkey Island is that the only thing is that the only thing that has been completed is the fact that the first one is a good thing to do.”

Sounds legit.

The secret of monkey island is the best game I’ve ever played in my mind while the app is on a train station for free and I will try it again soon as I get to the town thanks.