The Secrets of Monkey Islands!

It has been a loooong time discussed theme on this planet, but if you think about that deeply…the game has many secrets that can be taken as the main secret :crown:

Possible ways to signify the secrets:

  1. The Monkey Island itself! It has never been tracked or written into the maps! Does it exist?
  2. To travel to the Monkey Island is a mystery! but some people made it! How?
  3. The legends talk about the Ghost of the pirate LeChuck! is he real? or rumors?
  4. The Monkey Island has a big Monkey head! Why?
  5. The Monkey head is a big maze! how will you pass through?
  6. How Cannibals know how to make a root beer! and How do they know it kills the ghosts?
  7. The Cannibals have a dead head! a zombie head that can talk? and navigate?
  8. Herman’s friend is hanging on the tree and Herman calls it accident! is it true?

so, now we have 8 secrets that can be the game main secret :wink:

Yes, it exists!
Monkey Island

By car :laughing:

and we have Ducktales village in Czech Republic

wrong … next?

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Yes, it exists!
Monkey Island

There it is! The Secret of Monkey Island is… get ready for it… it’s actually a peninsula!


ok, secret solved :boom: it wasn’t that hard then. :tada:

Anyway, I still think the Herman’s story will be the biggest secret :smirk:

Yes. LeChuck has a map.

Voodoo recipe.

Real rumors.


Asking for directions.

They saw LeChuck having an hangover.


Yes. As told in his biography, that you can find on Phatt Island library.

yes, we know the answers as players, but those are the possible secrets. Or do you know about more? what could be the secrets yet.

- In that case, I sentence you to a lifetime of horror on Monster Island. Don’t worry, it’s just a name.

- (panting) He said it was just a name!
- What he meant is that Monster Island is actually a peninsula!

I dont care about real island… this post has been about game one only and his secrets.

Hmhmmm… Was it from The Simpsons? It sounds so…

It is. Lisa Simpson daydreaming (or “daynightmareing”) about a future when she gets elected as president but they find out she failed gymnastics.

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