The Trampoline puzzle

Is it just me or does the push/pull mechanism regarding the trampoline make zero sense? I got it the way I wanted to after a bit of trial and error fiddeling but not really by pushing and/or pulling the trampoline in relation to where Delores was standing.

It depends on what side (left or right) you push or pull on.

Well technically she doesn´t pull at all does she? She kicks it with her leg. When she stands on one side she moves it in one direction for as long as possible until she won´t anymore and then you have to switch the command to the other side. However, it does not matter which of those commands I use she moves it in the same direction for as long as possible, at least when I tried.

Let´s say I stand on the left, when I say push it´s supposed to push to the right and then I say pull it´s supposed to pull to the left, that´s not what happens however. Rather than that she walks to the other side and pushes from there.

I think I just said contadictorary things…or not…but this confused me quite a bit. As I´ve said it was not a gamebreaking thing for me, but the mechanism confused me.

If you select Push and click the left side of the trampoline it moves right, if you select Pull and click the left side it moves left.
When clicking on the right side moving left/right this is reversed.

The confusion happens because there aren’t two separate push and pull animations, so the character always pushes, but it’s always the correct direction depending on verb + click area.

Other possible implementations of this puzzle could have worked like this:

  • Only one trampoline hotspot; Push and Pull moves left or right depending on which side of the trampoline (center of hotspot) the current actor is standing.
  • Only one trampoline hotspot; Push always moves right, Pull always moves left (or vice versa)
  • Use two hotspots but naming them differently, e.g. “left side of trampoline”, “right side of trampoline”

This can be done for one or two hotspots: Making a special pull animation to prevent any confusion about push/pull (the most expensive option, but at least only two characters are affected)


Yeah that´s what I meant when I said technically there is no pulling involved because the “pulling” is just pushing from another direction releative to the distance the trampoline has to the nearest steps.

Maybe it’s because it’s late but I didn’t understand this.

Well… yes and no :slight_smile:
Technically this is a right turn:

void turnRight()


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This puzzle stumped me for longer than I’d like to admit. Kind of an ‘oh, duh’ moment when I finally got it. Push/pull seem to end up underused in this style of adventure game (the only other puzzle I can remember from TWP requiring these verbs being Morena’s library ladder). Taking the Secret of Monkey Island as an example, was there another puzzle that required those verbs other than breaking into the storekeeper’s safe? I honestly can’t remember right now.

Push the big red button
Push the doorbell
Pull the rope
Push crystal ball

Taking the Secret of Monkey Island as an example, was there another puzzle that required those verbs other than breaking into the storekeeper’s safe? I honestly can’t remember right now.

  • The catapult at the plateau on Monkey Island
  • The cannon in Herman’s fort

Basically there is no “pull” animation, so when you ask to pull it from side A, the character actually pushes it from side B. The end result is the same but I understand why this logic can be a little confusing.

Ah well, I more or less meant to say this;

Basically when the character has no room for push/pulling anymore he/she asks you to push from the other side and vice versa.

Also as I´ve said when the trampoline is in the middle you can say push and pull and the same thing happens(kicking in the same direction from the same side in both cases).

Am I the only one who just figured this out by trying?

Hmm… I don’t see this.

In this Video(german) @ around 4:02 he pulls it and pushes it after that and the exact same thing happens and he´s stumped by that.

There are two objects, one for each side of the trampoline. From that video, I don’t understand very well which side he’s interacting with, because sometimes he clicks the trampoline about in the middle.

Well, practically, that’s a right turn; technically, it’s three left turns. :wink:

Anyway, I also found the Push/Pull mechanic weird and confusing, but got over it by just Pushing only from each side, which seems to be what it’s doing anyway.

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That´s the way I did, too. Because I (and I guess most others) considered it to be one object and not two.

So the confusion stems from it depending on which of the two hot spots you click on (no effect on where you´re currently standing) and from the fact that there is no pulling animation.

So yeah I guess you can say it makes it´s own very special sort of sense, Just not the way you´d expect.

It didn´t stop me from figuring it out but it made me fiddle around more with it than I wanted to even after I knew what I needed to do. I did this in three play throughs and it always took me a bit.

Same with me. It didn’t impair me in any way, I solved that puzzle easily; but it compelled me to play with the mechanic a few times just to sort out what the heck was going on. In the end, I figured it was just a quirk of the game, possibly a bug, and just “pushed” all the way on either side.


Yeah, really just this!

And I suppose, if we’re going to get technical about it, this assertion is true only if those turns are 90 degree turns :slight_smile:

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Yes I’ve checked turnLeft(), it makes a 90° turn to the left.
So when you call turnRight() it ends up turned to right by 90°, so it’s technically correct, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

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