The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything

The initial conditions reset when the most inner circle has moved 42 times on its triangle’s side.
This is why, as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy said, the answer is 42.



Then again, why should the answer to everything in the universe consist in a triangle?

Consider the shape of a Tron tube. As a 2D image it consists of two parallel lines with a half-circle at each end. When the length of this shape decreases, the parallel lines shorten and the two halves become closer to each other, until eventually they merge and form a perfect circle - the symbol of infinity.

Therefore Tron tubes are the answer for everything

Eh… eheh… eheheheh… :wink:


Well, now I’m intrigued. You’re saying that there’s a triangle more important than a Tron tube, an item that powers the most important appliances, and even an entire world?

I’d like to see the evidence. :wink:

I can’t: this forum is accessible by children, too :wink:

Ohhhh, now I get it! I didn´t expect such a pagan perspective from someone from such a catholic country! :grinning:

I thought I got it, until I re-read the bit about it powering appliances :neutral_face:

I think my brain is going off in a questionable direction again.

So is mine. I thought it had something to do with fertility…

That’s what I thought Zak was implying, in his last comment :sweat_smile:

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Yeeeep yep yep. Same direction.


That´s why I was refering to pagan religions because those (as well as the modern wicca) are much more focused on the role of the mother as the focal point of all existance than most of the widespread religions are. They all pretty much settled the hen and egg argument for themselves.

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Oh I see. I didn’t think about it in that much detail. I just thought it implied a you-know-what.

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On the surface, of course! Of course the triangle that Zak is thinking of is one that´s standing on it´s head.

But when we´re speaking about philosphy as in the meaning of life and the creation of the world look at those old tribal nature worshippers and how much they are preoccupied with that certain part of the anatomy, carving statues where those features are particularly prominent.

Maybe I´m just reading too much into it, but I like my theory.


Before this thread starts to become something unreadable, I just want to specify that I was joking, of course…

No worries, everyone is well behaving, even I! :slight_smile:

Of course! :grin:

Huh? Isn’t this the Thimbleweed Park Forum?

Alright then, here´s a picture of a long thick pecker: