Thimbleweed Park wallpapers

I’ve collected some of the wallpapers that Terrible Toybox have shared during the development of Thimbleweed Park, on the development blog and on the official website. I have not altered the images in any way.

All of them are 16:9 (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720) PNG/GIF images. Using the PNG/GIF format was an important choice, because it doesn’t add the common visual artifacts that you usually find in JPEG images or other lossy image formats.

Some of the images that you find here were probably not intended to be used as wallpapers but they had the right features to be used for this purpose, so I added them to the list.

You can download them by clicking on the thumbnail and then on the download icon.

I’m not publishing this thread in the “Fan Art” forum category because these images are the official ones, but I think it’s OK if you want to add to this thread your own creations.



Thank you! This is great!

When the new major release will be available (with arcade and new lines), I will definitely replay the game and pay attention if I can save other interesting shoots! If I can suggest you something, why can’t you put the site url on them? When I have some spare time I’ll do it if you can’t.

Would be good to have a panorama of the cemetery. I guess that’s awkward with all the parallax?

Huh, why would someone want to disfigure those beautiful pictures?

I also downloaded the press kit and put those images into my wallpaper cycle, including those screenshots with verbs in all supported languages.
They also include the Russian version now.

Maybe as watermarks so appropriate credit is always guaranteed?

Do we know that´s the same update, yet? The arcade one is still further down the road in my mind, I don´t know why (maybe I´m setting myself up for a postive surprise?).

Eheheh, you’re right, Milan. It’s probably just wishful thinking!
I don’t know, I come here, from time to time, I read things, my mind wonders, you know… who knows…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
But to me, it will be the release that will contain both things that I want to replay. It doesn’t matter if they are both new or only one of them (e.g. first the one, after both -my english is awful-)

Hmmm Nor, don’t tempt my laziness! Eheheh, if you think that they will become ugly… ok! I’ll make you happy!!!

I have decided to keep them as the developers published have shared them. I also think that most of the people who will find and use these wallpapers will not really need or care for a watermark.

Even if the wallpapers will be seen by someone who doesn’t know the game, I imagine that it will be quite simple for them to find the source of the images, for example just asking to the owner of the computer that had the image as wallpaper.

But feel free to add the watermarks yourself and post the modified wallpapers here, if you think that other people will prefer them to the original ones or if you think that the developers would appreciate a watermark. :slight_smile:

I think it would be possible to get this kind of picture, but the real problem is not the parallax but the fact that the image will be very wide and it wouldn’t fully cover most screens.

For the same reason, I have excluded from the wallpapers in the first post the image of the vista, which is quite wide and not suitable to be used as a wallpaper. Here it is, if you think it would be useful to someone:

Uh oh… that Library image is Psycho!

@LowLevel: You have used a JPEG for one image instead of the original PNG, maybe you want to replace this one.

Also here is the original, non-directors-cut version of the library image for the more faint-hearted ones:


Thanks for the heads up, I don’t know how the wrong file ended up there. I’ll replace it.

Hmm… I’m sure I’m missing something here. In which way this version is different from the one published in the first post?

OK, I tried several things and I give up. I need a suggestion from @discourse or from @eviltrout

Sorry to bother you for a Discourse technicality but every time I try to upload a specific PNG image, Discourse automatically converts it into a JPEG one, I assume because the original PNG file is too big (about 700Kbytes) or because that post (the first of this thread) or my user has reached some other limit.

Is there a way to bypass this automatic conversion? Pixel art images suck when you apply to them a lossy compression like JPEG.

Let me know if you can help us to reach this goal, thanks! :slight_smile:

Needs to be smaller than 1280x720 in size; we have a lot of unsophisticated
users that upload enormous PNGs.

It doesn’t seem so to me. I was able to fill the post that I mentioned of 1920x1080 PNG images and they were not automatically transformed into JPEG ones. Are you sure that the limit is about the pixel size and not the size in bytes?

It is a long story but we tweaked the behavior here in the last week or
two. The safest course of action if you absolutely, positively cannot have
your png changed into a jpeg is to keep it at standard hd 720p res or less.

There is one subtle but important change Ron made soon after posting that original image.

Oh well, as it doesn’t seem to be possible you could add it as additional link right below the picture.

OK, thank you. I’ve found a workaround.

Oh, I remember (and I see it) now. :slight_smile:

I managed to get a beautiful 1920x1080 lossless compressed image to download. :slight_smile:

Hmm… I’m not sure that spritesheets and the internal graphics qualify as “backgrounds” :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m sure that they can be useful to graphic designers. :slight_smile:

I’ve reconstructed the arcade room for fun and to learn how to use Krita, but I don’t want to share it publicly.


All TWP backgrounds combined…