Thimbleweed Park at PAX West 2017: news and pictures

I assume that a lot of people in this forum would have liked to go to PAX West 2017, in Seattle, but couldn’t.

So I have created this thread, in which we can share news, pictures and tweets about what the dynamic team of Thimbleweed Park will do there.

I can’t wait to see the gadgets that they will give at the event and the people who will cosplay as a Thimbleweed Park character.

And of course if you will go to PAX, feel free to share here your own pictures related to Thimbleweed Park! :slight_smile:

The event will start tomorrow. Now they are setting up the booth:


A magnificent Jenn Sandercock cosplays as Delores.
Pictures, please! :slight_smile:

I was surprised by the accuracy of her Delores’ notebook. We don’t already have a full photo of it but the following partial image already shows a great similarity:


I’ll tell you the secret: the pixel art image was made after the real thing. :wink:


They’ll show Thimbleweed Park on the Nintendo Entertainment System that you see in the photo!

What is this thing?!? :delores:

What’s inside, exactly ?!?

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Finally we know who is the artist who drew the cover art of the physical box of Thimbleweed Park: it’s Nina Matsumoto, the same person who made the art for my TWP t-shirt. :slight_smile:

I had a hunch that the artist was the same but now I have a confirmation.


Good catch!
I wonder if this artist is in any way connected with the Nintendo porting job.
Or with Angela…

Here is the Thimbleweed Park booth (source on Twitter):

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Here is the first photo of the physical box! :slight_smile:

Notice the “16,777,216-Color version” label. :smiley:

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“Hey, cool Willie from Thimbleweed Park Cosplay, man!”
“Who´s Wille? What´s Thimbleweed Park?”


He told he was innocent :joy::joy:

More stuff to make you feel envy. :expressionless:

He looks like David Duchovny (Fox Mulder)

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Does that mean he will wear a green polo shirt? It´s his avatar for the last 3 or so years but I have never seen him dress like that before…

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And jeans. I hope he’ll show a puzzle dependency chart as well. And maybe he’ll dance every time somebody gives him a trophy.


And here is Jenn as Delores! :slight_smile:

The ThimbleCon '87 poster (it’s on October the 16th) and the booth (source):

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The booth is great, I envy who can be there!