Thimbleweed Park at PAX West 2017: news and pictures

A perfect re-enactment of a real Thimbleweed Park scene: Delores being too shy to talk to Ron Gilbert (who can be seen in the blurred background, presumably handling the puzzle dependency chart):


Chet! (wink wink)

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Anybody want a pizza roll…I mean coupon?

These guys keep pouring awesome inaccessible gadgets. :neutral_face:

The frozen ghost cake next to it is a nice touch…what do you mean you can´t see it, then way can I see it? Unless

The joke here is that I´m implying that I´m a ghost and only just now found out, why did you have to click this?

Three Delores (Deloreses? Deloresi?) at the price of one!

Dude… awful cosplay… not even close.

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It is a polo shirt though, gotta give him that.

I was referring to the face.

The cosplayer made his best with that polo shirt. But why is the real Ron Gilbert wearing a Super Mario shirt?

Give the man a break, he has enough time to pixelate after his death.

How am I even supposed to understand that he is Ron Gilbert? With that box in his hands he could easily be a David Fox cosplayer.

David Fox wears a hat. Always.

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This guy wears a hat as well, albeit a quite strange one.

“Hats” that look like ballons attached to the back of your skull are the latest trend, how could you miss that?

I’m not really into gravity-defying ovoid headwear fashion.

It´s all the rage in 2017…is what I would have said in 1997.

Hey, that’s me! Lol, thanks for the kinds words! Sorry about the terrible cosplay. :wink:

It really was great to see the booth today!

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I’m sure of that! :slight_smile:

Did you remember to take the t-shirt? :smiley:

Everybody wants to be Chet!

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