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Bug report: Game crash with Ransome Unbeeped and Speech turned on when Chuck talks on monitor (Windows)

I’m getting a crash toward the end of the game. Right after I have Delores insert the floppy disk in the computer in Chuck’s office, Chuck’s face appears on the screen. Then the game crashes with the following error message:

Boot.bnut:232: the index ‘_talkieKey’ does not exist

This happens every time. (I do have the Ransome DLC installed and activated.)

I’ve just confirmed that it only happens when speech is turned on.

It does seem to be tied to Chuck’s face on the monitors talking. It happened again later after causing the system to reboot.

Okay, after more testing it seems the crash only happens when both Speech and the Ransome Unbeeped DLC are turned on.

Maybe @RonGilbert has a clue about the cause of it.

Yes, I just saw this. You can get by it by unchecking the DLC. I have a fix and am pushing a new build today.


Thanks, Ron.

New build is live on Steam that will fix this issue. I’ll do GOG this morning.

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