Will "Ransome *Unbeeped*" be available in the Epic Store?

Any news on that? :wink:

Looking at the store they at least seem to support DLCs.

Well, maybe Ransome’s cursing is too epic for Epic!

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Can we get the unbeeped DLC somewhere else (Steam) and combine it with the free Epic version?

Yep, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you have the DLC on Steam or GOG you just need to copy the file ThimbleweedPark.ggpack3.

Problem is that you can’t purchase DLCs without the base game, so you could just play the Steam or GOG version instead anyway.

EDIT: It seems like the Epic Store version is based on a previous version, one before the Ransome DLC. i.e. it won’t be compatible.

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Suppose it’s too good to be true that I can get TWP for free and the DLC for $0.79 from Steam :))

The Epic version is 1420.955.

:ransome: : “*Beep* you, Epic!

Oh my gawwd, that’s sooo unepic of them!