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Thimbleweed Park development blog has been locked down


Not at all! (i.e. I agree with your sarcasm) Ron has commented on a possible release of his engine once TWP is done, on the dev blog/podcasts.
Artwork, music, actual scripts is all protected by copyright. So anyone trying to make a dollar on that would and should get sued.
Just the engine with the documentation and a few examples would be enough for creative people to build something NEW, just for fun.
The issue with most fan games is that they start from the story and art of the original, which is both un-original and puts the whole endeavour in a gray zone, legally.
Let’s dream bigger!


Why should I? Go ahead and do it!

But that wasn’t the question. :wink:

Yes, but this is possible already. :slight_smile: We have many working engines out there, with a heap of examples and good documentation. So I can’t see why we need the TWP engine. If I’m not experienced in programming I can use one of the more easier tools available. If I need the full control over the engine, I would build my own.

Of course it would be interesting to see how Ron solved some problems. And one could compile or port the engine to other systems. But these are the only two reasons for a release I can think of at the moment.

And I don’t think that there would be many (fan) games made with the TWP engine. (The SCUMM engine is available in ScummVM since years - and I know only of one fan game that uses this engine.) But let’s see - maybe I’m wrong with this. :wink:

You’re welcome! But if I (have to) think bigger, I would tend to not use Ron’s engine and its limitations. :wink:


So what was the question? If you can upload stuff to the Internet? No, this is completely impossible, the Chinese are filtering everything.

I have neither the time Nor the skills to great a complete game. But modding TWP can surely be fun!

An engine without proper tool chain or ANY tools (for creators) is worthless for, wait for it, creating games.


You’re not what they call “a nerd”, are you? :stuck_out_tongue: The answer is always “because we can”.

We don’t “need” the TWP engine, but for starters it wouldn’t hurt to have it, and secondly… as I said, I suppose this engine best reflects what I would like to program. And again, yes, if I had the time I would code my own engine, but I don’t have the time, so… why settle on Visionaire if there’s something more similar to what I want?


I think it would be especially cool because

  • it is an engine created by Ron
  • improved/debugged based on bugs submitted by David
  • used to create TWP
  • able to handle the awesome art by Gary and Mark (and Octavi)
  • an up-to-date engine compared to SCUMM (in any of its incarnations)

Trying to make a game using that would be like playing a tune using an actual guitar of your favourite guitarist.
You’d probably suck at it, but it would be more special than using the first one you find in a store.


But he is also a german so he also thinks in maximum efficiency.


At this point, let me mention briefly once again that I hope for another adventure game from that team. :slight_smile:


Hopefully there will be room for voices in TWP other than English.
Maybe there will be room for translating TWP in other languages, too, with an official tool.
The “phase” should be a maintaining phase, with room for extra things…


On the other hand, the project must have an end one day. Ron cannot use the entire revenue just to implement new contents in TWP. If he did so, which money shall he use for his next own project, or how shall he make a living then?


It’s a decision he can or cannot make.
It could be funny to add new DLCs to the game, once in a while. It should help to keep live the interest.


Adding DLC just isn’t worth the time and money. It’s quite expensive and the sales bump would probably be marginal. The other issue is all the platforms. DLC is easy on Steam and GOG. It’s a huge hassle on the consoles. Even pushing a new build on the consoles is a lot of work and it has to go though their cert processes. It can also impact ratings and in some cases require a re-rating (even if nothing changed) and that means $$$s. We also have an issue wth updating iOS. Apple now requires that all apps are iPhone X compliment and that creates issues due screen sizes and not having image bleed to fill around the notch. I might be able to talk my way around the changes during approval or maybe they’ve loosened up now.

Plus, I’m off working on other things, so any DLC would impact that.

Of course, never say never. If we thought of a fun idea that it didn’t take a lot of new art or VO then we might do it just for fun.


Oh boy… this is the equivalent of pushing a big red button on the forum!

It’s gonna blow!


Y’know it could just mean he’s painting his house or something.


Forget it Jack, it´s been blown long ago. We all got blown. Every single one of us. Got blown.


OK then.

Ron: “I am working on other things!”
Forum : “whatever… so how’s the weather like?”



I think @RonGilbert found the ultimate way to go off topic.


No no no no, that’s not what we want to hear!
And anyway we already have the prove it’s something serious:

Git Question:


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This is true. When I first encountered ‘Git Hub’ it took some significant brain rewiring to stop imagining some sort of social club for prats.


So, like… Facebook?