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Thimbleweed Park Fan Forum Podcast #0 (Pilot)


So I think I´ll have to listen to the whole thing first. So it will take at least 45 minutes until you guys will get to hear it.


Cool! Then I can cook some food now.


I’ll have a spritz in the meantime.








You should be very exited because you are playing a major role in that podcast… :wink:


Yeah, right…



I’ve listened the first minute so… I’ll have to dedicate some relaxed moment to listen carefully… but I still can say that there’s something wrong with Milan’s voice. I mean, Katie’s voice is very crisp, while Milan’s is very metallic and lo-res, and makes it hard to listen. Maybe you could do like Ron gilbert, I think his voice was teken directly through his mic, while only David’s and Gary’s were taken from skype or whatever.


I do it on the phone, and she obviously has a very good headset on the laptop or something. So that is the reason.

Also Katie has a way more pleasant voice and accent that I have so no sound quality in the world would make me better to listen to anyway.


Nope, just my cheap earphones that came with my Samsung Galaxy phone.
The funny thing is that I think my voice sounds less crisp than yours. Compared to the other few sound clips I’ve uploaded, which were recorded on my phone, I sound a bit muffled here.


As I suggested before, if you did the recording and the call that might be the other way around. But not sure.


There are two reasons: The quality of the microphone and the sound quality of Skype.

Both aren’t optimal here. That leads to the problems you all discovered/heard.

With the right hardware both voices would be crisp and clear. (A microphone can change the voice of one in a very drastic way.)


Well, that means the next podcast will be full of product placements and advertising so we can get us some sponsors to get some pro equipment! :moneybag:


No, you just have to fly to a specific city in northern Germany. :wink:

Serious answer: No, don’t worry. You don’t need one of those expensive microphones. We’ll address this with the next podcast. :slight_smile:


Well, it is slightly muffled, indeed. I think it is because of the transmission through skype, in your previous recordings the quality was better. But that muffling doesn’t disturb at all. your voice comes like through an old telephone filter, but it is very clear and crisp. Milan’s voice is louder and less muffled, but more difficult to understand, maybe because out of range (high recording volume?) and because it is glitchy… Just as like a modern cell phone disturbed communication… It’s not a matter of pronunciation. I don’t know if my observations make any sense to you, but I hope they could help to improve.


The biggest part of the recording is more enjoyable if you do have the chat transcript next to it.
Which I have, but most others don’t… so a tip for next time:
if you receive a question via the chat, read it out loud (mention who asked it too)


I think we did that sometimes and sometimes we didn´t (Katie probably did that more often than I did).


That’s ok. The beginning and the ending is the most interesting part for most people anyway. :smile:

I gather this wasn’t edited at all, right?