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Thimbleweed Park Fan Forum Podcast #0 (Pilot)


No, it was! @someone did all the editing! There were lots of moments of awkward silence edited out. Also a few mentions of your skype name. And that ending I already had edited out myself but @someone begged me to keep it in!


And I noticed at the very beginning I somehow sound a bit like this:


But before anyone might jump to conclusions and misinterpret that as bad chemistry or anything.
I prefer to think of it the way that Mia Wallace put it:


Couldn’t have put it better myself! :smile:


And was I right or was I right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:man_shrugging: :question:


I think he was right. It was the perfect close for a #0.

For #1 I’d add a opening theme song, some more “attentions” to the listeners (greetings, explanation, reading loud of names and questions and suggested…)

I couldn’t help noticing while listening that a video version would fit perfectly this format. You know, a split screen with the chat live… But this prevents you from editing, and I understand it’s not what you wanted to do. Anyway, good job. Looking forward for #1.


It was originally recorded as a video actually. But I don´t think it´s possible to make the chat visible for the public, too.


I could record the whole Skype window including the text chat. If @tasse-tee and @milanfahrnholz use/activate their cameras they could even produce a videopodcast. :slight_smile:

But do you (@milanfahrnholz and @tasse-tee) need a text chat in future podcasts? We used it only to ask questions and discuss how to get into the voice chat. :slight_smile:


I don´t think anyone wants to see me in a videopodcast TBH.

Maybe we can talk with better concept in the future and only have “friday questions” once a month or so.

I´d also love to have special guests to tell me how the fandub is progressing for example.


For me, it was nice having you there to interact with us and ask us questions. So I think a text chat would be good for future podcasts. :slight_smile:

We could have certain segments where we talk about the stuff we’ve prepared, and then segments where you guys send us questions, maybe.

And we’ll get the tech sorted for next time! (I think if everyone joins the call right at the beginning, there won’t be the same problems as before.)


What’s the definition of expensive in this context?


It was a pleasure for me to be there and I would like to attend your future podcasts. :slight_smile:

>500 Euros. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For Skype and their purposes a mic for 100 Euro could be considered “professional”. @tasse-tee’s microphone (and thus a simple headset or whatever this earplugs with a microphone is called :slight_smile: ) would be enough.

If they (and you) would like to hear the podcast in broadcast quality, I have to talk to @tasse-tee and @milanfahrnholz again… :wink:


Tbh at the moment I am not really sure if we do it for anyone but ourselves. :smiley:


I think ~30-40 condenser mic + ~30-40 audio interface makes for excellent sound quality. That’s what I’d go for if I wanted to improve on my crappy webcam mic. :wink:

Over €500, rofl.


then send us some equipment! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We’ll take good care of it and return it safe and sound after we’ve used it, promise!

Let’s make a radio channel that plays our podcasts on repeat! :wink: Like KSCUM with that one catchy song.


If they would like to buy a new mic, then absolutely yes! :slight_smile: There are also special podcast USB mics with an integrated audio interface. You don’t need more. The advantage of a headset is, that you can walk around and (more important) that you can move your head more freely.

The microphones used in studios and radio stations cost 600 Euros and up. That’s especially valid for the headset microphones you see in TV shows (like the DPA micros).

But actually they aren’t really necessary. Even in professional music production a lot of studios are using for example a Rode NT1 mic for round about 100 Euros.

I would do that under specific circumstances … :wink:

Actually I stumbled over several internet services where you can do that. :wink:


I meant rofl for starting a podcast, though from what samples I’ve heard I’m not convinced more than approximately €350 really buys you much of anything, at least in the way of sound quality. (Not saying a peep about durability, polar patterns, etc.)

Sure, sure, diminishing returns and all that.


Don´t know about you but listening back to us talking I found it oddly relaxing. :relaxed:

You´re not getting any nude bathroom mirror selfies from me. :smirk:

I know some professional recordists who estimate that price(just for the mics not the whole periphal equipment) for being good to go for most good recordings(music, commercial etc.). You´d probably get a qualtiy way above more podcasts out there, let´s not get ahead of ourselves here.


And what about an elevator?