Thimbleweed Park follow-up game, fan made

Good idea. This way you can develop it a text adventure, and make it work as a game, focus on the gameplay, and only later worry about the graphics.

Exactly. Such pictures would be a nice stretch goal, which also can get crowd-sourced easily once the basic structure of the game is completed.

why don’t we start brainstorming plot ideas here?

(I mean you guys – I am not good at plots)

@milanfahrnholz this looks like a job for you.

I don´t know, I´m not quite a @boosegoose.

what about a sequel where you control Doug and can use the shovel in imaginative ways?

So yeah, why not. :slight_smile:

but what can you actually do with a shovel that is not the obvious usage of a shovel? Hmm…

In this PDF document you’ll find some hints:

Has it to be a “normal” shovel?

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We also need to explain why Doug uses the shovel to do all kinds of things, instead of using the proper tool.

Hear this: Doug has a serious car accident. He wakes up in a strange hospital and the doctor reveals him that, in order to save his life, they had to replace parts of his body with innovative and very expensive technology. Now in place of his arms, he has two shovels. Furthermore, he also has brain damage, so can’t interpret properly the world around him, so he imagines challenges and enemies that aren’t there, and he has to defeat with the shovel.

So basically ShovelCop?

or “Million Dollar Shovel”

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Eh…not so sure about that one.

But Robert Downey Junior can say it… ok, I’ll delete that.

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I keep debating whether to chip in on this (I guess I am, now).

I’d be interested in the writing side (I’m a writer/editor by both trade and as a hobby - and a grammatical pedant but that’s probably not as relevant). This would be a fun challenge for me as I’ve not really ventured into this style before.

I have a few reservations in terms of commitment - as others have said it’ll take a lot of time out of our daily grind. But if not maybe I could contribute in a post-production editorial/continuity capacity.

I like the idea of a collaborative effort where we all gather ideas to start with and see what we’ve got.

If Doug was a main focus for this I think he’d have to be written without the Scottish dialect, as that would get irritating and confusing in a text adventure with no voice acting. So he might become a bit one-dimensional.

Having said that, I do like the idea of him having shovels for arms.

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Maybe Delores has escaped from the game, and has to get all the other characters out. Each character has different skills that could be used in imaginative ways for their individual escape (shovel, clown props, dry wit) with the help of Delores.

(I’ve been playing a lot of The Cave…)


Hah! Great minds, and stuff…

Haha! How funny :laughing:

I think one of the reasons The Cave works so well is the variety of characters. It’s definitely important and a sequel would help flesh the TWP ones out more. For example we don’t know much about the agents and they could be given quite interesting backstories.

“Shovel Knight” knows what to do with a shovel.


Ok, I will.


Shovel Doug has been mind controlled by the Pillowbots and digs his way into the sewers (with twisty little passages all alike). His goal is to reach the underground mainframe and restart the game to bring the other characters back into the story.

Maybe your goal is to stop him?