Windows 10 October Update = Crash

Since updating to the latest Windows 10 October 2018, the game won’t start.

I’m bought it from the Windows Store. The splash screen appears, stays for a couple of seconds, and then the windows closes silentely.

The Steam version (I also own) works.

I tried to reset the app but it didn’t change anything: it still crashes.

That’s unfortunate. We’ve had people report this issue before and we’re still not exactly sure what causes it. :confused:

Would you be able to try the following and see if any of it works?

  • Making sure you can log in to the Xbox App that runs with Windows 10.
  • Trying to reset BOTH the Xbox App and Thimbleweed Park.
    • Go to Settings/Apps. Find the Xbox App, click on “Advanced Options” and choose
      Repeat for the Thimbleweed Park app (but you seem to have done that already).
  • Restarting your computer.
  • Uninstalling and re-installing Thimbleweed Park.
  • Uninstalling and re-installing the Xbox app.

I hope one of these steps fixes the issue! If not, it may be better send an e-mail directly to support at, as we may need some additional details from you.

Do you have any active antivirus other that the default (defender)? We had many issues from users stating that after the Windows update, the system had strange behaviours and certain programs didn’t start correctly.

If so, try to:

  • uninstall any antivirus
  • re-enable Windows defender (it should do it automatically)
  • restart