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Finished TP, updated Win10 and nvidia drivers today, now game won't start

Hello there!

I finished Thimbleweed Park (Hard) yesterday without any issues.
Loved the game!

I always Keep my PC up to date, so today I installed the latest Cumulative patch for Win 10 - 1709 and also updated my Nvidia Drivers to 390.77. The versions installed before were the Versions current before these.
(To clarify I did not update to Win 1709, I had that before, I only applied the latest cumulative patch)

But today I wanted to attempt Casual Mode for Achievement, but the game opens and just closes after a second.

Does anybody know which one of those 2 updates I made are causing this issue?

Thanks for your help!

Edit: I have the Xbox Play Anywhere / Windows Store Version of the game.

I haven’t updated Nvidia drivers in a while, so I can’t speak in relation to TWP. However it did happen that Monkey Island 2 stopped working for me after updating Nvidia drivers (this was late 2016). I searched a lot for a fix and I finally gave up and rolled back to the old drivers. Not very helpful I know, but just be aware that this is not uncommon. Small games are just under the radar… :pensive:

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Well I will try rolling back my Nvidia Drivers first then…,
Though I think this could be an issue in the Long run…

Ty though.

Dang, System Restore does not work because it says my Windows Apps could not be restored.

I try reinstalling the game.

Windows Store isn’t exactly as cool as Steam…

Though I originally bought it on Xbox.

So I solved the issue by removing and reinstalling the game.
That was it.

Beeping Windows Store…

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glad to hear it!

The cumulative patch or the whole 1709 win update alters the registry and the user related folders.
This leads to side effects.

  • some programs must be installed again
  • some user profiles must be restored or recreated

Since it’s out, this update gave me problems on several machines and configurations.

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