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Finished TP, updated Win10 and nvidia drivers today, now game won't start


Hello there!

I finished Thimbleweed Park (Hard) yesterday without any issues.
Loved the game!

I always Keep my PC up to date, so today I installed the latest Cumulative patch for Win 10 - 1709 and also updated my Nvidia Drivers to 390.77. The versions installed before were the Versions current before these.
(To clarify I did not update to Win 1709, I had that before, I only applied the latest cumulative patch)

But today I wanted to attempt Casual Mode for Achievement, but the game opens and just closes after a second.

Does anybody know which one of those 2 updates I made are causing this issue?

Thanks for your help!

Edit: I have the Xbox Play Anywhere / Windows Store Version of the game.


I haven’t updated Nvidia drivers in a while, so I can’t speak in relation to TWP. However it did happen that Monkey Island 2 stopped working for me after updating Nvidia drivers (this was late 2016). I searched a lot for a fix and I finally gave up and rolled back to the old drivers. Not very helpful I know, but just be aware that this is not uncommon. Small games are just under the radar… :pensive:


Well I will try rolling back my Nvidia Drivers first then…,
Though I think this could be an issue in the Long run…

Ty though.


Dang, System Restore does not work because it says my Windows Apps could not be restored.

I try reinstalling the game.

Windows Store isn’t exactly as cool as Steam…

Though I originally bought it on Xbox.


So I solved the issue by removing and reinstalling the game.
That was it.

Beeping Windows Store…


glad to hear it!


The cumulative patch or the whole 1709 win update alters the registry and the user related folders.
This leads to side effects.

  • some programs must be installed again
  • some user profiles must be restored or recreated

Since it’s out, this update gave me problems on several machines and configurations.