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Current version:

Build ???.958

Released on Steam: 2018-03-13
Steam version: ???.???

Released on GOG: 2018-03-18
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.958 (19287)
  • Mac: 1.0.958 (19287)
  • Linux: 1.0.958 (19330)

Win 10 version: (?.?.?.?) ???.???
Xbox One version: (?.?.?.?) ???.???


Previous versions:

Build ???.957

Released on Steam: 2018-03-01
Steam version: ???.???

Released on GOG: 2018-03-01
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.957 (18809)
  • Mac: 1.0.957 (18809)
  • Linux: 1.0.957 (18970)

Win 10 version: (?.?.?.?) ???.???
Xbox One version: (?.?.?.?) ???.???


  • unknown

Build 1420.955

Released on Steam: 2017-11-20
Steam version: 1420.955

Released on GOG: 2018-??-??
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.955 (16554)
  • Mac: 1.0.955 (16554)
  • Linux: 1.0.955 (17607)

Win 10 version: (?.?.?.?) ???.???
Xbox One version: (?.?.?.?) ???.???


Build 951

Released on Steam: 2017-10-19
Steam version: 1417.947

Released on GOG: 2017-10-25
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.951 (15785)
  • Mac: 1.0.951 (15785)
  • Linux: 1.0.951b (15922)

Win 10 version: (?.?.?.?) ???.???
Xbox One version: (?.?.?.?) ???.???


  • minor bugfixes
  • fixed the issue where the gate code could be the hint line

Build 1394.938
Released on Steam: 2017-08-23
Steam version: 1394.938

Released on GOG: 2017-08-21
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.938 (14370)
  • Mac: 1.0.938 (14372)
  • Linux: 1.0.938 (14433)

Win 10 version: ( 1393.938
Xbox One version: ( 1393.938


  • Arcade open
  • Bugfixes

For informations about older versions see my post below.

Original post was:

At the moment I’m playing the version of TWP. The version numbers and the changes are confusing me a little bit. So I thought I create a new topic. :slight_smile:

The current Windows version on both GOG and Steam is 1343.881 (this is the version you see in the options menu).

1.0.849: Initial release. Only version where the demo mode works (“demo: 1” in prefs.json).

Further versions known to me, no information about changes, though.

Great! Thanks! The build notes for version 1307.858 are on steam. So we have:

Build 921 (current version)
Released on Steam: 2017-06-29

  • Bugfix(es)

Build 919
Released on GOG: 2017-06-26
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.919 (12950)
  • Mac: 1.0.919 (12950)
  • Linux:
  • Same as version 1388.917
  • Minor bugfix(es)

Build 1389.918
Released on Steam: 2017-06-23

  • Minor bugfix(es)

Build 1388.917
Released on Steam: 2017-06-21

  • Keys 1-6 select dialog choices.
  • Keys 0 and 9 cycle through selecting characters.
  • Disable initializing the controller by putting disableController: 1 in Prefs.json
  • Playable characters do random greetings when seeing each other.
  • Playable characters can TALK TO each other.
  • Call the in-game hint line by dialing 4468 on any phone.
  • Various bug fixes.
    Source: Thimbleweed Park Update 917 is live
    Full Patch notes:

Build 1343.881
Released on Gog and Steam: 2017-05-02
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.881 (11726)
  • Mac: 1.0.881 (11726)
  • Linux:
  • In-Joke option added
  • Russian language support (text only)

Build 1323.866
Released: 2017-04-12

Build 864
Released: 2017-04-11(???)
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.864 (11201)
  • Mac: 1.0.864 (11201)
  • Linux:

Build 1316.862
Released: 2017-04-07
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0 (11103)
  • Mac: 1.0.962 (11103)
  • Linux:
  • Fixed one issue, where the player could make a copy of the map, but never pick it up, that got the game into an odd state.

Build 861
Released: 2017-04-06

Build 1309.859
Released: 2017-04-06
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.859 (11042)
  • Mac: 1.0.859 (11042)
  • Linux:

Build 1307.858
Released: 2017-04-04

Build ???.???
Released on Steam: 2017-04-03 (21:31:33 UTC)

Build ???.???
Released on Steam: 2017-04-03 (00:44:20 UTC)

Build ???.???
Released on Steam: 2017-04-01

Build 1296.849 (Initial release)
Released on Steam: 2017-03-30
Released on Gog: 2017-03-29
GOG versions:

  • Windows: 1.0.849 (10869)
  • Mac: 1.0.849 (10869)
  • Linux:
    Only version where the demo mode works (“demo: 1” in prefs.json).
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Those are the version I downloaded from GOG:

  • 1296.849 (2017-03-29) initial version
  • 1307.858 (2017-04-04) see
  • 1309.859 (2017-04-06)
  • 1316.862 (2017-04-07)
  • 1323.866 (2017-04-12)
  • 1343.881 (2017-05-09) added Russian language support (text only) (from GOG changelog)

And yes, you should hang on to the first one as demo mode only works in this one.

Thanks. I’ve updated my list above.

@geckoespresso: Are you sure that you have the build 861 and not 862? If not, there were two builds in a row?

[quote=“Someone, post:6, topic:661”]
Are you sure that you have the build 861 and not 862? If not, there were two builds in a row?
[/quote]That list seems right. I have the same 8 versions from GOG.
I also wonder what exactly changed from each version other than the sparsely official announcements.

I probably missed one version from GOG: I think remembering one having an upgrade from a previous, to me unknown, version and it may have been something with 86x. The patch was quite small, maybe about 24 MiB but I’m not 100% sure.

Build 862 was made 1 day after 861 and it only fixed a issue where you could make a copy of the map, but never pick it up, getting the game into an odd state.


Thanks! I’ve updated my post above.

Either we missed 2 versions on GOG, or Steam has 2 more:

I would assume that Steam has 2 more versions: You can upload a new version on Steam faster than a new version on Gog. If we can trust the manifest then Ron uploaded on 1. and 3. april three versions in a row. So I guess that only one of them appeared on GOG. But I will add the Steam versions to the list, thanks for the link!

EDIT: Does the Steam client show the current “manifest ID”?

The Steam and GOG builds go up at the same time and are both instantly live. What can slow down GOG is if you’re not using their client. In that case, a human at GOG needs to take what I upload and make installers out of it. That can take a day and might account for the missing build numbers.

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Odd. I get to name the Win/Mac versions using the GOG web UI, but I have to upload the Linux build to their FTP server and they do all the work, So they are not naming the Linux versions consistently.

Yes. The Linux versions from other games have this different (and odd) version scheme too. I don’t know why. If you download TWP from the web frontend, it states “1.0.919” as the version, but the downloaded file is named “”. I am only a user of GOG, but maybe you as a dev could ask them, why they use this numbering scheme. (My guess is, that the Linux versions are done by a different person/department.)

btw: All Linux versions are starting with 2.x, even if the game is version 1.

A GOG developer gives an (unsatisfying) answer in this thread: “Difference between Windows and Linux version”.

Basically, those version numbers are not about the game but about the GOG installer.

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The problem is, that the version numbers don’t give a hint on the included game version. (In contrast to the Windows and Mac versions.)

Version numbering always needs to be complicated and obscure or you aren’t doing it right.


I suggest all version numbers be git commit hashes

Thimbleweed Park Version 26de38d1351bc7d19dba1f8330ac9939099a2138


I’ve added it to the version description. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But the idea isn’t that bad: If you chose the md5 or sha hash of the binary and/or the resource file as the version number, each player could verify if he has an unmodified and thus a working game. This would be useful especially for users of the DRM free (GOG) versions (but it would be handy for Steam users too…).

(btw: If you send me the hashes, I will add them here in the lists.)

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