Thimbleweed Park's ending and the Secret of Monkey Island 3

I thought this is where these two threads were going:

but no one explicitly stated it in those threads, so I’ve created a new one to say that, after playing Thimbleweed Park, it’s very “clear” to me what Ron had planned for SOMI3:

The same fourth-wall breaking ending that Thimbleweed Park has!

Well, I imagine it has “voodoo” instead of “tube-AI”, but that the general gist would be the same. I imagine MI3 would start piratey/theme-parky and the ending would reveal the secret as something like “we only exist in a game! The secret of Monkey Island™ is that it can only be found in an adventure game” etc, and that the player, as Guybrush, would have to thwart @RonGilbert’s plans to continually restart the game, or whatever.

MI1 and 2 already broke the fourth wall a lot: Guybrush talking to the “camera” was a running theme through the whole game, there were a lot of anachronistic objects and speech, the entire MI2 ending. I imagine those LucasArts kidders were just “preparing” you for the ending in a “see, we warned you about this!” kind of way.

And, if this is the ending/theme Ron was thinking of, then, as he says himself:

it really is a really dumb idea :wink:





I think many people implicitly has an idea similar to yours.

I’m sure you’re somehow close to the truth.

But the chances are we’ll never ever get any closer.

So, now I’ll click a like on Zak’s post.

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Ron wrote that we would be disappointed if we would know his idea. The ending of TWP wasn’t disappointing, so it’s likely that this wasn’t the ending of Monkey Island 3a. :slight_smile:

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Personally, I wasn’t that keen on the ending of TWP, as it seemed to render everything pointless. And for a series of 3+ games, which have built up a story and a universe, I think such an ending would be an unwise choice.


I agree with you, I wouldn’t chose it as an ending for a Monkey Island 3a too.

But actually it would fit to the happenings in and especially the ending of Monkey Island 2. (You should play the Monkey Island series next :wink: ). Beside that, Ron is known for unconventional and/or surprising endings. :wink:




Well, you might have liked it, but TWP got a lot of negative press for the ending and the fourth-wall stuff in general. Isn’t that why they added the “in jokes” option?

Are you sure? Can you give/name an example (= a review)? I can’t remember negative press for the ending. The critics were about the “in game jokes”. They are “annoying” because only a minority understands them. And that’s why Ron added the option AFAIR.

Actually, it is -fittingly- even more meta than that and the option is an in-game (or an in-development) joke by itself:


I loved the ending of TWP just as I loved the ending of MI2.
So I just grew even more confident in Ron Gilbert’s way of thinking the end of the whole story.

Talking about the ending of MI2, it just makes me feel like there is a secret gate to the world of Monkey Island. It’s not a dream, it might just be a kid’s fantasy, but there is certainly a “world of Monkey Island” somewhere where one can go when one wants to play the pirate. A bit (a lot) like Peter Pan’s Neverland.


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From what I’ve seen, (MI) this reminds me of not only the retro aspect of the artwork at a time when it was actually so futuristic back then (like with Don Bluths Dragons Lair) even for the early 80s, it is still futuristic even by today’s standards. I would pay ransomwares demand for the VR version of this.