Things to do at home when you have the flu

So, I have the flu and I feel s##t. Nothing serious, but unpleasant. I’ve postponed all appointments, including those with friends.

Both reading and watching things on a screen are activities that I try to limit because my eyes water or because I get a headache.

Are there activities that you do at home when you have the flu that make you forget that you feel s##t?


I have already trolled Ron, but that didn’t give me any satisfaction.


Unfortunately, the best thing to do is to sleep, in bed, under warm covers.
In this case, a portable console like Switch or DS could be helpful but, if your eyes are tired, I suggest you to listen to the radio, or a playlist of songs that you like.

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Jigsaw puzzle, perhaps? With hot comforting beverage of choice. Without reading and watching a screen, I’m getting stumped fast. I hope you are feeling better soon. The flu is nasty, no fun at all.

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Ah - yes, of course - or a podcast!


Sorry you’re not feeling well dude.

I was about to suggest that :slightly_smiling_face:

The Night-time Podcast is good if you like Canadian true crime and random mystery stories

Or This American Life

Or Serial (series 1) if you missed that craze

Or none of the above, if you don’t like podcasts :wink:
I listen to them via Podcast Addict.


I suppose you’re in bed or on a sofa, and you want to avoid noises because of headache

  • listen to the silence

  • got to ask yourself a question: “Where are you nooooow?”

  • think of things you’ve done in your life, and you want todo, out of your ordinary life, something you can’t do while living a fast life

  • wonder with your imagination and design a scene, a world, and lose yourself in it (exactly, without LSD) like visiting a lost city above the sea, or flying with a glider

  • sleep, perchance dream!

  • then look at your dream and if it has something to say to you

  • ah, make an infusion in the pale light of the kitchen… so relaxing…


Thanks! I think I’ll try with some music or podcast and see how my brain reacts to it.

I have also remembered that I have a few puzzle games, including a regular Rubik’s cube and this awful thing.

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If you can laugh (sometimes the flu makes pain even when moving your bones), you can (re-)listen to these memorable podcasts:
Thimbleweed Park Podcast #43
Thimbleweed Park Podcast #43bis (scroll until the end of the page)

Heal soon!


What the beep is that?!
I love the Rubik’s cube and can solve it.
I must purchase that… thing!
Thank you for the heads up.

It has nothing to do with the usual Rubik’s puzzles. There are no moving parts, it’s just an electronic game in which you have to follow/guess/create series of colors pushing buttons.

Think of it as a Simon game, the cube shape is just for marketing reasons.

I had the flu a couple of days ago too.

I spent the days saying “no, daddy is too sick to play with you today”. But it wasn’t that fun.

The rest of the time, I played Full Throttle.

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Did you try the smaller 2x2x2 cube? I have one of them as well. The methods to solve it are not exactly the same of the 3x3x3.

In the 2x2x2 cube you have “less space” and some moves that in a 3x3x3 version wouldn’t cause any trouble will ruin the already solved layers in a 2x2x2 version.

Overall, it’s simpler than the 3x3x3 but you have to find slightly different tactics.

Anyway, I have decided what to do to pass most of the time:

The only issue is that I have not Nutella at home, so I’ll make a quick trip to the supermarket.

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"La morale è sempre quella, fai merenda con Nutella!"
(the moral is always the same, have a snack with Nutella)

Yes, I know, the original line involved another famous italian snack, but it rhymes the same way :smiley:

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I think I’m starting a flu, too.

Tonight, I had a dream.
Ron Gilbert was in my house.

I was in my kitchen, when he suddenly appeared.
Without shame, I invited him to stay for lunch.
Then my father came in, and asked who was that stranger.
“He is Ron Gilbert” – I said – “He speaks english.”
“Ah, the creator of Monkey Island!” – my father replied :open_mouth:

Then, the smartest thing that came to my mind, was to show Ron a lot of italian cartoon theme songs, and he was supposed to guess the title. :roll_eyes:

Then, finally, I woke up! :sweat_smile:


I´m totally flu free, but I appreciate your suggestions a lot ! :muscle:

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It’s arrived! I got the flu :unamused:
The good news is that I have more time to do what I need to do…

But you first need to stay focused and solve the murder.


Maybe reading this thread gives you the flu.

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Anti virus software helps to prevent this. :smiley: