Today I have learned that some fans call Ron Gilbert…

. . ronzo.

“Ronzo” seems to be a variant of “Ronald”, that I have never heard of before.
Did you know of this nickname?

This is a real thing, as you can find and read here.

Now, the international community isn’t probably aware of the fact that in Italian the sound of this word bears a very strong and dangerous assonance with an extremely offensive insult.

So, I wanted to warn anyone about the negative aspects of this nickname.

Consider this post a “Today I Learned” thing.


…extremely offensive?
Is your real name Oronzo? :laughing:
OK, never call him, in Italy: “you are the beST, RONZO!”

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I wasn’t aware that fans are using this nickname, what I’ve heard was that friends call/called him like that.

Also I’m not sure if it’s really an extremely offensive insult: @ZakPhoenixMcKracken isn’t it more like in the ballpark of “asshole”?

Yes, it is.
In fact, I don’t fully understand it as well, it’s not so extremely offensive, not even in Italy. Unless your name rhymes with “-hole”…

No one calls me that in real life. It was started by and I’ve only heard it off that site one or two times (and never in person).


The “extremely” adjective might have been a tongue-in-cheek exaggeration.

That’s a very positive thing.

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It’s a good thing! :grinning:

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Another mystery solved!