TWP Italian Dubbing Project - Audio quality feedback needed!

Hi there, fellow forumers!

We need your opinion. In order to find the best recording quality that every person involved in the project can afford, we gathered some of the various auditions - different people, different locations, different equipments - in a single file for you to hear.

We’d like you to tell us which bits are good, acceptable or would totally ruin the gaming experience.
For those who’d also like to understand what the hell they’re listening to, after the audio there’s a transcript in English and Italian :slight_smile: be honest, we’re working hard to improve the overall quality and your feedback is important to understand how players would react and which recording setups can be used for the definitive version :slight_smile:

link to the audio file:

Click here to see the lines list you'll hear in the sample file
Character ID English Italian
BORIS 24828 I am supposed to meet someone down here. Have you seen anyone? Ho un appuntamento, quaggiù. Ha visto qualcuno?
CASSIE 28642 Hello 198.7 FM KSCUM listeners. DJ Cassie here. Ciao, ascoltatori di 198.7 FM KSCUM. Sono DJ Cassie.
CHUCK 22667 But it’s going to get crazier. Ma sta per diventare più assurda.
HEADGHOST 23361 Only the crystal behind me will grant you the ability, and you’ll never get it! Solo il cristallo alle mie spalle ti permetterebbe di farlo, e non l’avrai mai!
HINTTRON 31414 Welcome to the fully automated HintTron 3000™ system! Ti diamo il benvenuto nel sistema automatizzato HintTron 3000™!
LOOKALIKE2 24489 I’m Ransome the Jerk Clown! Sono Ransome il clown bastardo!
MALEGHOST1 23326 Don’t let Xavier see us talking and not working. Non facciamoci vedere da Xavier mentre parliamo invece di lavorare.
RANSOME 23510 And a giant slice of talking pizza totally beeping blends in here in a town that doesn’t have a beeping pizza joint, right? E una fetta di pizza parlante si mimetizza di brutto, in una bip di città dove non c’è nemmeno una bipputa pizzeria, giusto?
RAY 20995 So, tell me again why you’re here? Ricordami di nuovo perché sei qui.
REYES 20182 We need to identify the body… Dobbiamo identificare il cadavere…
TRONMACHINE 24716 Thirty-two million nine hundred and twenty-one thousand and fifty-six. Trentadue milioni novecentoventimila e cinquantasei.
WILLIE 24837 {awake}hic I’m glad Chuck is dead… {awake}hic Sono contento che Chuck sia morto…

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