More Specific Voice Actor Credits

I recognise a lot of the names in the credits, but they don’t list which specific characters are voiced by which thespians.

Would it be possible for someone to produce a complete list for me of who voices whom? I’m absolutely certain Lee Tockar is the voice of Doug.

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I am positive that there is a woman that speaks several voices including Sandy, Madame Morena and the annoying kid.

Yeah, I think that’s Maryke Hendrikse doing those voices.

I second this request :stuck_out_tongue: I’m trying to understand who is doing more than one character in order to optimize the number of Italian voices :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure, however, that sheriff, coroner and hotel manager are done by the same actor.

Oh yeah? Then I guess you use only one actor for Ransome, Delores and Ray too!

Interesting idea!

Probably just a resemblance around the eyes. :wink:

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I think remembering Polish translations having exactly one single male actor speaking all voices in foreign movies, male + female.

I would also like to see a list of all voice actors.
There is one on IMDB, but who knows how complete and correct those entries are (also no character assignments):

One person to voice all the redheads? Does he or she have to be a redhead too, then? :thinking:

I’ll post a list later today…


Fun fact: A lot of the voice actors in TWP starred together in the movie “Sausage Party”

I watched that movie, although reading very bad reviews on it, just to see if I’d recognise some of the voices. One word of advice: don’t!

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In a scale from Epic Movie to the Star Wars Christmas Special how bad is it?

Is it that kind of bad movie that it’s actually good to watch with friends discussing on how bad the movie is and why are you torturing yourselves watching it?

Edit: that scale makes it look that “Epic Movie” is the least bad of the bad movies I’ve seen. It’s not.

Here is the cast list and parts. These might not be 100% accurate, because we made some last minute in-studio switches for some minor characters.

Nicole Oliver - Ray
Javier Lacroix - Reyes
Elise Kates - Delores
Alex Zahara - Franklin
Ian Corlett - Ransome, Head Ghost
Gary Chalk - Willie, Carney
Ron Halder - Chuck
Tabitha St.Germain - Computer, Pigeon1, Edna
Maryke Hendrikse - Sandy, Cassie
Jennifer Cameron - Lenore, Madame Morena
Sarah Edmondson - Ricki, Female Ghost 1
Lee Tockar - Doug, Lookalike 2
Craig Erickson - Lawyer, Male Ghost 1
Jason Simpson - Sheriff/Hotel Manager/Coroner
Veena Sood - Natalie
Adrian Petriw - Leonard, Dragon
Jan Rabson - Brett, Room Guest
Kirby Morrow - Dave, Chet
Peter New - Postal Worker, Starshipman, Mime
Ian Rozylo - Bank Manager Lookalike 1
Erin Matthews - Pigeon2, Hotel Kid
Vincent Tong - Fujico, Ken Thien


Is that an older list? It still seems to have placeholder names for characters that do have names now.

Check out the Daniel Radcliff movie “Horns” in which Alex Zahara plays a doctor. Word of warning, you´ll never be able to see Franklin the same way again after that scene…

It’s what we called them during recording. The real names didn’t matter. It’s also what they were called the code, and that was where the recording script was extracted from.


Awesome! Cheers, Ron!

Interesting, Lenore and Madame Morena were dubbed by the same person!
We are searching for a not-so-young woman to dub Madame Morena in italian, and a different woman to dub Lenore.
Maybe we could reconsider this fact.

I wouldn’t have guessed that, the Starshipman (Sexy Riker) has a peculiar voice, quite different from the one heard by the other two characters.

I don’t think so, those names are the same in the script:

  • Lookalike 1 & 2 = Cory and Corey
  • Head Ghost = Xavier
  • Pigeon 1 & 2 = Emily and her sister
  • Female Ghost 1 = Clara

and so on…

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This one is the biggest surprise to me… I never would have guessed Xavier is Ransome.

Also I assumed Ken Thien’s voice was the actual backer since the only thing he seemed to say is “Okay…”. Funny that Vincent Tong is also one of the Ninjago guys, which my kids are always watching.


Goes to show how good he is.

I also don´t hear a lot of Ransome in this (save maybe a few screams):

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