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This strikes me as fan artsy:


Too bad the monitor cut the screen all around…

The overscan option is something to put in Which options do you miss in TWP (and other adventure games)? then.


But it was common back then that some parts of the (computer) screen was cropped by the TV. :wink:

Even to the point you can’t see some whole icons?

Ah, that’s why it was so difficult to complete those first games…

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On all old computer monitors and TVs I’ve had you could play around a bit with that stuff to either fill the screen completely or see every single pixel (never both, but the corner pixels don’t really matter anyway). I guess really old pre-70s TVs only had the factory setting.

Not that much like in this case, but for example the (high) score.

And we had to find the correct antenna channel… :slight_smile:

Even the old unused b&w TV (except for a brief period in the early '90s when the proper TV had died) had presets. It came with… iirc five turnable knobs that you could set to channels.

On most computers there was this small screw that you have to turn slowly with a screwdriver to set the channel/frequency. To get the best picture this screw and the TV settings had to match perfectly. It took some time and if you got it no one was allowed to change the settings. :slight_smile:

I remember I once had a small board with numbers on it connected to the TV that so once you had the correct frequency you could associated it with one of the numbers on the board so you´d only have to push 1, 2 ,3,4 etc for certain channels or the console or something else connected to the TV

Yeah, that was high-tech at that time. We had one of those cheap things with a slide switch. So we were able to switch between the console and the regular TV program. :slight_smile:

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