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TWP on and Citizen of the Future


Btw. nearly same story as The Cave: Original publisher said Steam. (But then went bankrupt.)
I would like to see it DRM-free too, preferable on GOG.

I’d like to see it DRM-free on Humble and too. But we already have the GOG version which is fine. I don’t know why you are bashing Ron again and again (broken record again?) when he DID release the PC version DRM-free.

The two things I’d like to see is the Android version DRM-free on e.g. Humble or and the art book.


Nope, try to read and understand what I wrote.

Kennst Du Hänsel und Gretel?

I think we went through this already:
a) @TTG: Why would you continue to sell something which is broken? @DF: It comes down to beauty. I doubt that it takes much effort. My money comes into play when it’s available (otherwise I might only be able to afford Schafer bending down, without getting him up again).
b) @TWP: Regarding the time it takes to set these things up, it’s a matter of will, less resources.
c) Kart-Dingsbums: It’s not my fault if you don’t know.
d) Yep and which represents 0% of the games I’ve bought there.
e) RG: I’m not bashing, I’m arguing.


See, and that’s why YOU should send the money it costs beforehand to DF.
Don’t worry, they will pay you back with the money earned from those releases.

You are the one not seeing the beauty in this name.

So when at some place you can buy a DRM-free game it magically makes everything there DRM-free and the platform a DRM-free shop?

It’s bashing:


Never was too fond of Mortal Combat myself.


You: Ron Gilbert didn’t put TWP on because it’s DRM-free.

Me: What do you mean precisely, because here are three things I bought from Ron Gilbert’s company that are DRM-free. Implicitly: this does not seem to support avoidance of DRM-free.

You: Personal insults, moving goalposts (GOG may be DRM-free, but…), followed by more personal insults.


I don’t see any personal insults. You were posting GOG selfies in order to prove me wrong but I never said that there wasn’t a DRM free version on GOG. Why is there a GOG version? Because he needed to put at least one DRM free version out due to the Kickstarter, but he never went further into this direction … see postings above.

a) I wonder how DF was able to put out all the other games on The Cave must really be an awful piece of code if it needs this much time but let’s just agree to disagree because otherwise we’ll spin in circles here.
b) You seem to struggle with differing between fun and facts. I see no proof that he’s a strong supporter of DRM free software, otherwise the situation could be different. The Cave (fun, dude this is so obvious, isn’t it?). Yeah, would be a logical step, if you …


Let me get this straight: your completely unremarkable, commonplace response to thinking I’m out to prove you wrong, is to respond that I must be about to post naked pictures of myself?

Please feel free to refer directly to the relevant post using a so-called hyperlink. I think it has something to do with those murder simulators.

Should you refrain from doing so, I would remind you that within the past week or so your posts look like this:

(Neutral question.)

(“A feeling,” which is fine but not an argument.)

(Not sure how relevant the example is; I distinctly recall Ron Gilbert writing somewhere that he was disappointed about how the contract situation with The Cave turned out.)

(Further insinuations. This one obviously caught my eye specifically, so I responded by saying given these examples, I don’t understand why you say this. You’ve now explained that you think the GOG version of the game — and the Bandcamp version of the soundtrack? — was merely a Kickstarter obligation, but I’m afraid I can’t find any previous mention to that effect.)


Don’t you think, that it’s funny, to post personal information with the intention to argue but without having a point at all? I think it is and it gets even funnier when you exaggerate this idea. Many people (musicians) offer music via bandcamp, it’s a common platform for lossless music (an increase of the audio quality in the game would have been nice). Anyway, let’s see what your further isues are.

Okay, in a nutshell: I stated, what’s missing, not ideal about the current situation, what indicates that Ron Gilbert is less into DRM free and more into being in control (also with spying on people without telling them upfront), what could be better and we talked about how much resources this would costs (at some point I built better setup DMGs and installers (meanwhile for Win too) in order to see how long it takes (which was peanuts) and you also did not see the joke about The Cave and prefer to falsely interpret some of my statemts as insults.

Are we done?


Yeah, no. The fact that I might be on this forum because I bought this one particular game at some point is not personal information to anyone on this forum by any stretch of the imagination.

And many only make their music available on Deezer/Spotify, which offer lossless DRM.

My point is that you’re making some pretty big claims, which seem counter to the information available to me. You’ve now given a reason, saying that it’s only because of Kickstarter. Would you mind providing a link to where you previously said so in order to understand the full context? Or is the opinion that it’d nice if it were available on more platforms the full extent of it?

Could you please link to where you said this for more context?


a) Yeah, like which games you’ve bought for which prices, the involvement of your wallet, all the linked data, now if you have access to the database … I think this is personal data but google, amazon and apple will be pleased that you think different about these things already, you’re a citizen of the future (without rights and privacy).

b) Not the music I listen to (but hey, I prefer bad music anyway).

c) Try to remember the Kickstarter history. It was about to utalise the resources from people who wanted certain games back or games which would have been a no-go for publishers (at least they tried to make you think in these directions). And a reasonable percentage of this audience was against DRM too. How many stupid campaigns were there, where a campaign wasn’t setup with DRM free until a number of people asked about it repeatedly. After some time the devs (or let’s say, those who ran the campaigns) had learned about this and offered it out of the box.

Do you think Ron Gilbert would have received more or less backers, if he would have announced TWP as Steam only? I think the answer is obvious. And from the interviews he gave throughout decades about the old games, the way he dealt with certain aspects in TWP, looking at the current situation, involving some logic … this leads me to the statements I’ve made.

I’m sorry but I’m not interested in searching for references for you. The thread takes too much time for very simplistic issues already.


Fair enough, perhaps that was not the smartest move in case someone malicious with access to the GOG database happens to see that post. But it doesn’t tell anyone on this forum much of anything new.

My registration date already tells you chances are I didn’t know about the Kickstarter or didn’t back it. (For the same reason, chances are you did.) This in turn means I will have bought the game for a price between € 13 (lowest sale price afaik) and € 20 (regular price). The only potentially new piece of information here is that I found out specifically when GOG told me that this one game was on sale. It’s almost like posting nudes…

I’m sure this is not the least bit insulting in your book, either. :slight_smile:

The point isn’t what anyone personally listens to, but that there are readily available, popular options still encumbered by DRM. It stands to reason that someone who hates DRM-free would prefer to make their music available on one of the DRM platforms.

So if I understand you correctly, your standard mode of expression might be regarded as ever so slightly hyperbolic. Ron Gilbert having no special concern for DRM-free means he hates it. Someone sharing a tiny piece of information you wouldn’t means they’re practically posting nudes.

I hope you at least treat positives the same way. :wink:

You claim to have written things in this topic which I can’t find, and refuse to very easily prove having done so. That looks quite simplistic indeed.

NB I already linked to the vast majority of your posts in this topic on the subject through my quotes here.


You know, it’s possible to use fun without lying.
And facts without lying.

Because they owned the rights to those games when they decided to put their catalogue on there.
Remember: SEGA had the rights to The Cave.

Apparently you are the master of multi platform build chains.
[This was a fun fact (i.e. a lie)]

Btw. I’ve looked up the last updates of The Cave: It seems like they haven’t touched the code for more than 4 years.

Also: Please contact Double Fine and ask them about The Cave to release it on itch/GOG etc… The more people the better.
I DO want to game to be released DRM-free.

And I see no proof that he isn’t. All this time we are talking about games he has no control over.
The one he has control over has a DRM-free release, including extras like the soundtrack as Frenzie mentioned.


You should get yourself a T-Shirt:
On the front: I’m a citizen of the future
and on the back: I post nudes. :smiley:


That’s an excellent idea. I haven’t designed a t-shirt since I drew my space dino shirt. Hold on…



This T-Shirt is scientifically not correct… You can’t hear Space Dinos RAWR in space!


Quick concept sketch:


10/10 would buy! :money_mouth_face:


I don’t see any new valuable information in your post, so, I guess this is your way of saying, that you want to wrap this up as well, nice.

Your post contains some weird assumptions which you can correct on your own with the information given above in this thread, bye.


The post for reference.

My post didn’t contain any assumptions unless you misinterpreted the “fun part”. But I have explicitly marked it to avoid any confusion.
The rest, quotes excluded, were hard facts.