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TWP streaming event - with kenobit (official italian translator)


Isn’t that the concept of Twitch?


I don´t know if the streams automatically get archived but sometimes it says “past streams” or something and you can watch older ones including the recording of the chat.

Hearing two forum members talk to each other sure seems like a miss to me.

edit: Great I found it now! Now I´ve only gotta browse through two and a half hours to find the part where I actually understand something.


Okay I found it now. How random that I spotted this short chat after searching for not very long but I did find it. :slight_smile:


Might be fun to do a live chat with forum members sometime. And try to guess who everyone is. :slight_smile:


And how would we conceal our identities?


Well… apart from you and Zak I don’t know what anyone looks like.


And sounds like. Well, except those who have an answering machine message in the TwP phonebook.


I doubt I’d remember voices from the phonebook. But I suppose we’d all need to use anonymous or cryptic login names as well or it would be obvious.


Okay, I shall call myself Sir Raymond Luxury-Yacht (pronounced “Throatwobbler Mangrove”) then!


Are we talking a live chat where we see each other? I’ve pondered over that before, but I quite like the anonymity of no one knowing what I look like (or so I was led to believe).

Maybe we could all wear TWP masks!


So you’re telling me your avatar isn’t an actual picture of yourself? That’s disappointing.


That could be fun!

If we do that, I won’t be able to resist the urge to act in character.

If we had a live chat with just text, that would be a fun game!


@Someone, were you online yesterday night? I didn’t see you in chat.

Anyway, the whole streaming will be soon available on the Kenobisboch channel on youtube. I will post a link.


Sounds like you are a regular cosplayer? :slight_smile:

Yes, I was there but I only watched the stream. And I stepped in a little bit too late. I haven’t seen the unboxing for example.


I haven’t cosplayed before, actually. But sometimes I find myself getting inside a character’s head, if I identify well with them. Hence my first post in the forum, Interlude 3.5.


Just published!


Yeah I did enjoy that anonymity too for the longest time. But on the other hand one also gets curious about putting faces to names when you talk regulary talk to people. Which doesn´t mean I don´t sometimes long for the days when people thought I looked like Patrick Bateman.

It´s complicated, I don´t know. :man_shrugging:

You make me feel a bit like I peaked through your opened bathroom door. I´m sorry, okay? :cry:


Really? If you haven’t seen a person, your brain makes his own notion of him/her - it imagines the missing things (especially the visual elements). If you see this person in reality, chances are high that you are disappointed. For example I’m not the good looking and well-shaped man with a sixpack you all think of me at the moment…


Yeah I mostly don´t feel the need to show my buttface to anyone either. But my avatar really looks very close to what I actually look like (I only did this because I envied the devs for their cool pixel art avatars. I would love to have one as good as that myself).


Same here. And I really miss a course “Drawing Pixel Graphics for Beginners” at my local Volkshochschule (community college).