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TWP streaming event - with kenobit (official italian translator)


Who did all of those anyway, was it Octavi or Gary? I think it must be Gary because Ron and Gary had theirs on the Kickstarter video already when Octavi wasn´t even hired, yet.


I guess so. Unfortunately Gary isn’t here in this forum. Otherwise I would ask him if he could draw an avatar for me if I would pay him for that work…


Ditto. All I did for mine was take a b/w photo of me handcolour it in photo shop and then used the mosaique filter on it.


Can we reach/contact Gary somewhere? Is he open for such a thing? Maybe @David can help?


Oh good, that sets the bar nice and low then :wink:

No it’s okay. It just unnerved me that I thought you had no idea (but maybe I misinterpreted your comments about that) and then it turned out that you did.

It shouldn’t matter, though. It’s just an age thing, I think. My youth is fading and all that :sob:


Personally I felt better about letting you know that I do. I felt a bit wrong knowing I know and you thinking I don´t. I´d kept it for myself had I known that.

The person you see in the mirror must be a different one than the one I saw on those photos. To me you seem to be years away from needing to worry. Besides you actually just do look like the nice person you are.


I think I can mimic their style if I start from their avatars as a template. I’ll try with a pic of mine and I’ll let you know if it works out


I think one reason why we might feel slightly anxious about differences (myself included) is this: online it’s easier to be more open and be yourself.
When meeting someone a person face-to-face, it naturally takes longer to establish a connection, usually. So there may be a disconnect between interacting with the same person online, and then face-to-face. Even if we know that differences don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, because great friendships can form between all kinds of people. That’s what I’ve learned at work, where many of my colleagues are older than me. :slight_smile:

Going back to @yrface 's original idea, maybe a live text-chat would be a fun thing to try sometime. Even if we don’t have much to say, or there’s not a livestream to watch. For me, there’s something nice about instant communciation. (Or maybe my brain is too wired by things like Facebook Messenger :wink: )


Well, it must be said that discourse is pretty “instant” for a forum. But still, forums and chats are very different in the communication style.

I’d add that we have a Telegram group, so another group could be an idea, but… I miss the good old chats, where 1) you’re only a nickname 2) you enter and exit as much as you want 3) if you’re not there, you miss what is being said instead of having like thousands of notifications when you come back.


For me it’s the opposite: Online I’m less open (for example it takes a lot of time before I tell personal things about me) and …

… if we have a common topic I am able to establish a connection in the real life relatively fast.

The main difference is that you can’t see the mimic of the other person. We communicate a lot just with the our facial expressions and our body language. So the communication online and face-to-face is different - even if you know the other person for several years.

Yes, but remember that we all live in different time zones. :slight_smile:

We could re-play TWP (in a language that no one of us speaks) together in a livestream.

But this only works if the people are in the same time zones. :slight_smile: If this forum would be a chat I wouldn’t be able to read most of Ron’s posts for example.


We could have a chat where you can read the past history, but still doesn’t expect you to be there all the time.

And I don’t think time zones would be too much of a problem because 1) people have also different habits - for example I usually chat during working hours, because I don’t have time at home in the evening 2) most of us are European anyway. Well, the most important ones except the devs :sunglasses:


Good idea!

That’s true. It might be hard for us to find a time when everyone is online. I would probably only be able to join in the evenings, otherwise I’d never get any work done :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here. Here I can feel like I´m a different person that´s outgoing and funny and no one perceives me as the miserable SOB I actually am in real life.

But in general I thought we´d already established that finding a time where we all are available for a live online gathering is harder than organising a LARP session.


That’s probably the nicest thing you could’ve said :slight_smile:

Yep, and I think people worry about living up to that in person. I mean, what if my pulley isn’t big enough?


Pulley envy is a bigger issue than modern people realise. (damn you discourse for not having a pipe emoji!)


But we do have a pipe character.

| <- this one.


See now you’re just being rude.


But a cigarette: :smoking:


The more I think about it the more I agree. It was a whimsical idea, but with each follow-up question I realize it’s probably not the best idea…

Besides, with the time zone difference I would just feel like Mindy Kaling (Is everyone hanging out without me?)


Doesn´t quite have that psychiatrist class.

Yeah and I don´t want to scare the little children with my appearance either.