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TWP streaming event - with kenobit (official italian translator)


It says in the link I posted :slight_smile: There’s a video too!


Oh was that her?

HAHAHAHA… it’s a shame he didn’t quote my version of it because I subtly corrected it :wink:



Yeah, I was surprised myself when I found out she was the backing singer on that.

I noticed because I checked if you did after I realised my mistake. :slight_smile:







Really great! How long did that take?


Thanks :smiley: not much, an hour or so. Most of the time was spent in deciding whether my eyes needed to be farther apart and whether I was adding too much hair on my head (:frowning:)


Have you drawn all by hand or had you help - for example from a photo?


I feel totally dumb. I’m lost.


Yeah, I literally went “oh no, she didn´t!” :fearful::wink:

Yeah, that´s really really great!

Maybe for the better. I don´t want you to sing playground songs again.



I will not be refering to that skittles ad again.

But that hot air ballon thing was obvious to me probably mostly because you can see the clear blue sky in the backround, I don´t know.


I used Ron’s avatar as a base for the proportions and then I just drew by hand. I see myself every day in the mirror, and make “self portraits” almost daily when my daughter asks me to draw our family, so I don’t need photos of me to draw my face :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm… isn’t that some kind of cheating…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No, great work!


New interview with David Fox is coming!


We are live!


Twitch here I come!


It was amazing! That thing of 1992, VR machine…


I also wonder what happened to it…

Mirage Video 1994