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TWP streaming event - with kenobit (official italian translator)


She´s not even kidding, I imagined this sign to translate to this:



According to the italian hand gestures manual, that is simply a “two”. :smiley:


I dare you to enter a random East End pub and order two pints there with that gesture.



Eheh, I know what does that gesture mean in other countries :smiley:
When I was in Germany, I carefully hold my hands, and used my mouth to speak.


In a German bar: “Two beers, please”.


In germany it means nothing (well maybe a two, as well).

The middle finger should be near universal

Why do :uk: people call that flipping the bird, anyway? That sounds so cute for a description of such a gesture.


Hm… Could it be that you get more and more addicted to emojis?


Didn´t you see my new years eve post where I posted a bunch of them that just never get the occasion to be used and @yrface used them as a basis to a tell a funny story?


Guga, please. Be a gentleman. Do you really think that @PiecesOfKate would publish such a picture of herself in such an inappropriate position? And with a pulley in the middle, no less! Awwww… Shame on you! She is a lady!

BTW, my avatar IS an actual picture of me.




That’s not a hot air balloon, it’s a rasta hat!


I always think that too!


So apparently flipping the bird originated from the theatre in the 19th century, and it used to just mean hissing at people. Then it eventually took on a cruder meaning, thanks to a Looney Tunes cartoon, among other things.

But my own guess would be a strong hatred for birds. Probably pigeons.


Same here!

My youth was in bright 8-bit colors! No fading to this day. But it IS 30 years ago.

For some reason I picture you like Katie Pierson of the B52’s. Don’t care if that’s remotely close or not…


Shiny Happy People holding hands…:musical_note:


Errr… did I miss something?


Yeah yeah.
But no hand holding, thank you very much
They’re fins, btw.


You can reach Gary through his website,


Yeah…and that typo is very very very embarrasing in that context! :flushed:


I’m with @tasse-tee and @PiecesOfKate: For me it always looked like a rasta hat!

:open_mouth: Which one? Which one?

Which dandruff shampoo do you use?

Great, thanks!