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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention

I try to be prepared for the worst, before I open this thread, and I still wonder how adventures, which are not worth being mentioned, look like (but without wanting to see them). As I’m here already, let’s take a look (although the screenshot hurts in my eyes already):

a) A classic pixelart aesthetic and creepy atmosphere from a veteran of horror and thrillers.
Who might be this guy? But no matter who he/she/it is, I doubt this will be able due to the graphics. It’s very unlikely, you gonna scare adults with a resolution of about 32k pixels, in this style, with such a camera. The ‘classic’ is wrong due to the dpi/different hardware/lack of afterglow/blur …

b) Logical puzzles and exploration to challenge players without frustrating them.
This sounds good, except that a logical puzzle isn’t enough, a.o. it’s about the fun, the tragedy, the awesomeness, the uniqueness of a puzzle too. Secondly without offering diversified options or an AI, how is a ‘challenge players without frustrating them’ gonna work exactly for a small budgeted project (hence the graphics)? It rings the ‘there will be puzzles but they won’t stop your story flow’ bell. Someone who enjoys getting stuck for good reasons vs. I primary want an interactive story (which works best in your dreams).

c) Time mechanics; certain actions advance the clock in a race against time.
On mobile, there already exists a survival mode in every game, it’s the energy consumption of a game vs. your battery, and finding the power connector just in time, plus, everything going wrong in the real world around you.

d) A post-apocalyptic thriller, with an engaging storyline and cast.
Wow, finally, a new idea. An engaging storyline … so a book author or a professional writer from the film industry went for a game for a change? I wonder how important the cast will be considering this presentation but at least in this scenario there’s a reason for unenlivened scenes. Good voice acting is generally great but regarding sound, why not staying more ‘classic’ and enjoy 8bit too then?

e) Moody and engrossing original musical score.
Again, it’s funny to see how devs enjoy high res music in their low res graphics productions, which (if you’ve experienced low res) often doesn’t fit together and feels wrong.

f) Multiple variations for each chapter mean multiple play throughs with new content.
Which means less resources went into the linear story telling. How often did I replay an adventure, just in order to experience tiny differences? If I had to choose, I always would have preferred a bigger better built linear world instead or more/better puzzles contrary to that I need to replay a game in order to experience slight differences.

Apart from this, the game sounds great.

Feudal Alloy (GOG, Steam), a metroidvania with interesting art direction.

“fish-controlled medieval robots”? Check.

It will be released soon on 2018-01-17 on PC platforms and will also come to current console platforms.


Eastshade, mentioned earlier by @Someone has a release date: February 13th.

A peaceful open-world exploration-adventure full of character”. Sounds intriguing.


Reminds me of this fish I drew… almost 13 (!!!) years ago.

A whole new generation of teenagers has come into existence since I drew that. -_-


Foxtail chapter 2 just came out!


Guard Duty


I gather it’s still not complete, though? At least I could not find any indication on either GOG or Steam, much less on their official website. Want to play this, but not before it’s complete.

I doubt it. :slight_smile:

The Blind Prophet




Coming this Spring (*fingers crossed*):

This must be my most anticipated game of 2019.



Hey you? Yes you! Guys who always say they want another Ron Gilbert game because they like his humour?

Hey did you know lots of the funny dialogue in Thimbleweed Park was actually written by somebody else? And that somebody else is working on a new game!



I don´t know what happened here, but I guess whatever game @Someone wanted to plug here probably got cancelled! :man_shrugging:

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No, it is already mentioned above. :slight_smile:


Ah, but that was back in june! So that´s a nice reminder in any case! :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting, but “iOS and Android devices” doesn’t resonate a lot with me.


I really like the sound of this one. Backed! :smile:


Hmm… Porn Bunk…



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