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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention


Feudal Alloy (GOG, Steam), a metroidvania with interesting art direction.

“fish-controlled medieval robots”? Check.

It will be released soon on 2018-01-17 on PC platforms and will also come to current console platforms.


Eastshade, mentioned earlier by @Someone has a release date: February 13th.

A peaceful open-world exploration-adventure full of character”. Sounds intriguing.


Reminds me of this fish I drew… almost 13 (!!!) years ago.

A whole new generation of teenagers has come into existence since I drew that. -_-


Foxtail chapter 2 just came out!


Guard Duty


I gather it’s still not complete, though? At least I could not find any indication on either GOG or Steam, much less on their official website. Want to play this, but not before it’s complete.


I doubt it. :slight_smile:


The Blind Prophet