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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention

I tried, but it’s too Android specific. And I wanted to leave Java for good. C++ is life.


Wait 400 (real) days to win the game:

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Born Punk has a Steam page and will be available on Gog:



Wonder what the game is doing with all that time? Mining bitcoins? :wink:
Also, how susceptible would it be to cheating (i.e. setting the clock to a future date) …
Reading the description, it sounds like there’s some kind of gameplay and alternative endings too, so simply waiting seems only one way to play.
Certainly makes me curious.

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Press Kit:

Cite: “But there are various ways how to play the game that the players will need to figure out themselves: You can speed up the time by collecting items in the cave and putting them in your underground living room.”

I think it’s been a year since I’ve backed the game on Kickstarter.
Btw., I hope you guys appreciate the developer’s name….

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That looks really fun! And “Insert Disk 22”, what a great studio name!


@OctaviNavarro’s upcoming adventure game:



The Steam page for Rosewater is now live and can be wishlisted:


just finished The Supper. thanks for mentioning it, I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. great job, Octavi! love it!

You should also try his other games if you haven’t already:

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The release date is may, 12th:


Here’s something that could be interesting:

There aren’t that many world-spanning adventures available right now, and few that feature such exotic locations.


Looks cool! Btw is it based on recent incidents??

Most likely not:

Explore a rich cybernoir future of mystery and intrigue in a world inspired by Blade Runner, The Da Vinci Code and Black Mirror.

Also, from the material they show (they even have a demo), looks like it’s already been in development for a while.

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Black mirror and Blade Runner… I’m in! :grin::grin:


Something not on Kickstarter for a change:

From the guys that made The Lion’s Song. Not quite sure what to make of it, but the more I hear about it, the more interesting it sounds. And it’s due out on April 21st.

Release date is the 9th of April:

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Looks very interesting. Reminds me a bit about the German Amiga game “Die Stadt der Löwen”.

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