Insert disk ... in Monkey Island

Ok, let’s take a look at this familiar pic:

What is the answer?
Yes, we know the first number, but… do you remember if it asked other numbers, after the first one?

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Yes, I remember that it asked for further numbers. It went into the hundreds I think, but don’t ask me for the specific ones unless I should look it up.


Is it some kind of “contest” where Google is out of question? If yes, I failed, I don’t remember them :frowning:
I think I remember you had to press “all keys” to continue … or was it “no keys”?


Oh, when only Google & Co is not allowed then I just look it up in the game files I have always with me on my tablet… (this is from EGA and original VGA version as we all know it was removed in the CD versions)

There´s a hole at the base of this stump!

Wow! It´s a tunnel that opens onto a system of catacombs!
I think I can squeeze through–

Insert Disk 22 and Press Button to Continue.

Insert Disk 36 and Press Button to Continue.

Insert Disk 114 and Press Button to Continue.

Oh, well. I guess I can´t go down there.
I´ll just have to skip that part of the game.


I tell you that this question will be present in my next game.


This intrigued me, because I remembered something more humorous in Italian - even if I did not remember exactly WHAT was different.
So I cheated and used … Youtube (let’s froget about the fact that it belongs to Google!)

In Italian it was:
Inserire Disco 22bis e Premere F13 per Continuare.
Inserire Disco 36 e Premere Tutti i Tasti per Continuare.
Inserire Tutti i Disco e Chiamare il 112 per Continuare.

Insert Disk 22bis and Press F13 to Continue.
Insert Disk 36 and Press All Keys to Continue.
Insert All Disk and Call 911 to Continue.
(yes, “Disk” is singular in the third message, it is a mistake, like all that Uppercase Words that are very uncommon in Italian…)

So the Italian edition made the joke more blatant, unlike the English original version which confused users… Unless there exist an alternative English edition with a similar wording, but I cannot find it…


@Nor_Treblig did it right!


I’m very surprised that they haven’t used a random number generator…

So instead of calling the LucasFilm hotline all the time, they called the local emergency services (which is 112 for Europeans) instead. :ambulance:

Um, not till '04 (i.e., 14 years after Monkey Island), and if memory doesn’t betray me Italy was reprimanded for not implementing it at the time?

Edit: for example, I grew up with “06-11, daar red je levens mee”. (06-11, you save lives with it)

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After stuffing all disks into one drive, I’m pretty sure that you’ll need them. :wink: (If you are still able to use the rotary phones we had back then …)

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D’oh, my brain just informed me this doesn’t make any sense. “Daar red je levens mee” rhymes with “een een twee”… So that must be from the campaign for the introduction of 112.

According to Wikipedia, 06-11 is from 1990 and 112 from 1997. In any case, still post-Monkey Island. :wink:

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PS Looks like I wasn’t wrong about Italy.


I didn’t know that. In many countries, 112 already existed for many years when Monkey Island came along.

While they were still widely in use, quite a lot were replaced by keypad phones already (like those in Maniac Mansion).


Of course 112 existed in Italy in 1990, or it would have not been in the Italian version of the game. It wasn’t general emergency, but Carabinieri, a specific law-enforcement corp. I hope nobody really tried to call them for a game…


Evidently it technically existed, but I meant that the implications must have been different in some way as indicated by @PaoloC. :slight_smile:

Finland had 000 as emergency number until 1993. It was a great emergency number for rotary phones…


As @paoloC mentioned and @Frenzie documented , in Italy there were different emergency numbers for different situations:

  • 112 Generic emergency (carabinieri)
  • 115 Fire emergency
  • 118 Health Emergency
    … and some others, all of them starting with “11”.
    Until a few years ago: now there is one and only one number to call for any emergency: 112.

Funny that you mentioned it. I remember they thought me at primary school thatbthe number for emergency was 112 because with such a number the wheel of the phone makes a very short route so it is easier and faster to dial: number 0 was placed after the number nine, so the wheel had to make a full spin back and fort in order to dial the number. Not to mention dialing zero produced the longest pulse series (ten). I asked the teacher “why not 111, then?”. She didn’t know.

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You forgot 113, the police. BTW, I always wandered, as a kid: what’s the difference between a “police” emergency and a “carabinieri” emergency?

To be honest, I wondered “what’s the point of having two different police corps with the same purposes?”

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