Under development adventure games that are worth a mention

It looks nice, there are also a few videos about the gameplay:

The blue/fuchsia neon lights remind me of another under development adventure game (VirtuaVerse), with pixel art made by Valenberg:

Valenber is really a master of this kind of style:

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Oh yeah, I missed that. It looks quite good. The dialogue is a bit patchy but I guess it’s only a tutorial.

Ooh, that’s pretty. I’ll check that out too, thanks.

A few days ago, Francisco González‏ shared the official promo art of Lamplight City, made by Karen Petrasko (her art gallery).

I like it a lot and it matches very well with the visual style of the game, here it is (click it to see the details):


There is a new gameplay footage of Saint Kotar, the horror adventure game already discussed in a previous post on this same thread.

Here is the new video:

K’NOSSOS, a Classic Point-and-Click Sci Fi Adventure Game:

The Kickstarter is now live:


That looks pretty good. Reminds me of that other upcoming one, Harold Halibut.

… and funded. (Wow)

My backer number is around 1200, did I really come so late to the party?
Wow, great to see so much support for an adventure game from a smaller developer on Kickstarter again, it’s like the good old days!

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No. You have backed within the first 48 hours. :slight_smile: AFAIK there was a Twitter(?) post from Jan Böhmermann that made the Kickstarter (more) popular. Beside that, there were several reports in the press.

i’m a bit torn if I should back this or not. It sounds like plenty of fun, but most screenshots seem to have brown and grey as predominant colors. Maybe those were all the rage in the '60s, but I find them a bit … challenging to look at. OTOH, I have to admit that I am a secret adorer of Nora Tschirner, especially in her role as Halluzinelle in Ijon Tichy: Space Pilot. So there’s incentive to play the game … tough decision.

As the game has reached the funding goal you could just wait for the release (and some reviews). Or are you interested in some of the backer exclusive stuff?

Yeah, that’s what I figured. I was thinking about getting the €69 early bird physical edition, but couldn’t quite convince myself it’s worth even that much (little?) to me. I’ve set a reminder, just in case there might be a great stretch goal within reach towards the end, but since they seem to already have a publisher for distribution, it might make more sense to grab a regular boxed copy later. Shouldn’t be much more than €25 either.

What really puzzles me is the comparatively low amount they were after. Just playing it safe? Or was the whole Kickstarter more meant as a marketing and publicity scheme? Oh well … whatever it is, certainly was a big success :slight_smile:.

Hm… will there be a boxed version? (But it’s likely with Headup games as a publisher. :))

This is mentioned in the Kickstarter description (cite): “Thanks to a funding by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and our own crossfinancing through other projects, we were able to already finish a huge part of the game.”

The company behind the game is a (small) TV studio that produces several well known TV shows in Germany. More information about the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg are here:

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I don’t think that’s quite accurate. According to the video, they are digitally scanning the backgrounds and processing them in 3D, so I don’t think we actually just get a bitmap background with digital objects in them – I think it’s like a pure 3D environment texture-mapped with the original photo plates. Kind of like the “old-school” techniques used in The Matrix (wow, that’s considered old now? LOL!)

Tell me about it! My backer number is 3,075 and it’s only been a few days.

Anyway, it looks very good and intriguing. I still am not convinced too much about the story itself, but the designers seem enthusiastic and well established with a creative background. Kinda like how I originally got acquainted with Thimbleweed Park. :slight_smile:

Plus the production technique is brilliant and makes for some fascinating environments steep with atmosphere. (I also must say that Mr. Gilbert’s endorsement of the project is a factor in my decision.)

I am excited for this one. :slight_smile:


Re-watching the video, I noticed that I was wrong. It seems to be a 3D geometric model built on top of the physical filmed plates. However, they seem to be very meticulous, so as long as the models are built right, I don’t see why the lighting would be a problem.

Well, this video shows what I originally thought:

Each individual object and scenery element is modelled in 3D geometry, and the whole thing is then re-projected with the original background plate for texture. It’s definitely intriguing! :slight_smile:



Steam Link- It’s in Early Access:-

Demo Version:-

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Hm… That looks more like a platformer. Has anyone played it?

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I have. It still has few bugs. But it has really fantastic graphics … I love it.

Could be a Metroidvania. Music is nice.