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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention


Update: the full game just came out, but still in beta, and still only playable to patrons. I’ll start over.


And not a single feedback on the interface? Who are you, and what did you do to our seguso? :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t find the game developer. Can you share the Patreon link? Thanks!


patreon link:


Oh, the interface is a mess, but when I tell him how to fix it he pretends not to hear. I wonder why :slight_smile:

anyway, the interface is the same as detectiveland, plus the addition of the “look” verb. the main problem with this UI is it does not work well on smartphone. on desktop it is fine. on smartphone, the problem is that , to see the result of your action, you need to scroll up, because the result is shown in another panel instead of in a popup. Another, minor, problem, is that you only see those verbs that actually work. The upside is that he never needs to show generic error messages. The downside is that the UI gives away puzzles. However, this second problem is not serious, because it only gives away a couple of puzzles (most notably one “climb” puzzle and two “give” puzzles); but most often the puzzle design works around this.


Found this one today, nice art and interesting approach:


Have you seen Star Trek™: Bridge Crew? (There it says ‘Action-adventure’, I’m even on-topic!)


I have, and still think about getting it. But it seems that it´s so much more fun in multiplayer as can be seen here:


I only know it from such streams with multiple people and it always looks like a lot of fun, especially as a Star Trek fan!
Too bad it’s probably not as much fun without VR (and also there is no DRM-free version).


Zeppelin adventure is out:



Unforseen Incidents will be available at the 24th of May Here is the release trailer:

/edit: Here is the trailer in English:

The price will be: $19.99 / 19.99 Euros / £15.49


Like all the best games! :wink:


Hm… The game (and the visuals) is looking interesting. But the German dubbing is … hm … not very good (in the trailer).


You know, today I had an idea for dubbing TwP myself into german. I had an idea for the opening scene and how to do Boris. But I don´t have the text unfortunately.


You mean you’d do all the parts including the female parts ? I would pay for that. Even though I don’t know German.


Somewhere are tools to extract the text. Maybe @ZakPhoenixMcKracken can help.


Sorry we have only Italian - English text for the whole TWP game.


I would only do Boris and Willie for a start.


Where you got these texts from? Ron?

Can’t you just play the first minutes and write the texts down? AFAIR it’s not that much text…


Or I watch a playthrough on youtube, that would be even easier.