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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention


That’s one of the failed Kickstarters that I supported, and I received a message today that its first chapter is coming to Steam Early Access in March. Not a fan of playing unfinished narrative games myself (and I’m also hoping it’ll eventually make its way to GOG), but I think it deserves a mention here.

Personally, I think it looks beautiful, and I’ll certainly give it a try once it is complete.

The 2018 what are we playing thread

Indeed! Bokeh on pixel art. I don’t think I’ve seen that before.


Perfect Tides is a “point & click adventure game about the fun, alienation, stupidity and agony of being a teen”. And it has pixels:

(btw: this thread is looong. Maybe we should start new one(s) for each game or a new category for the topic?)


It’s not a classic adventure game but maybe interesting:


looks nice! open world games with no violence are rare. looking forward to check this one out.


I think it´s a problem that comes with the genre by itself. Either you can do everything (including hurting NPCs) or you can´t and then it´s not as realistic anymore. Good games like Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim don´t encourage hurting NPCs because (at least to me) having a bounty on your head can get really annoying.

I´m however in a mode already were I´m dissapointed when a game is first person but hasn´t VR support.


Hurting NPCs could ultimately be the choice of the player. But usually there’s no choice when it comes to the main quest, high doses of killing and violence in general are required in order to complete it and experience the story (which is ironic cause if they’re going for realism then they’re just failing right there!).

I think a fun open world game where violence is penalized and not required to finish the game is certainly possible. I doubt it would sell as well as it’s expected, probably the reason why no studio bothers in the first place.


Could a Star Trek game where you can freely explore the galaxy, discover new planets and races but get penalized everytime you could have avoided blowing up a ship, set phasers to kill or violate the prime directive.

But nah, modern Star Trek movies and shows are also mostly about blowing shit up and punching people in the face while loudly screaming, now.


fantastic idea! also add some good puzzle solving to avoid violating the prime directive to achieve whatever mission you’re on :slight_smile:


And it could also be episodic with a potential for countless adventures!


As long as it features the TNG crew, I’m in :slight_smile:.


Wouldn´t have any other myself.:slightly_smiling_face: Someone should do this as long as they´re all alive to voice their characters.


Until that happens, there’s always A Final Unity.


Tala. There is a Demo on


Afterparty (from the developers of Oxenfree):


I have alpha-tested Robin Johnson’s new game, “Zeppelin Adventure”. Guys, I can say this game is second to none for humor and puzzles. It’s the same quality as Monkey Island.

The main idea is very original: a world of dumb robots. They talk and try to behave like humans, but are not very clever. Many puzzles are based on hijacking their schedules. And the realization is perfect. There are some VERY funny moments.

I mean, this could be the best adventure I ever played. And it’s not complete yet.


That sounds interesting! I’ll keep an eye out for updates on the game.


This sounds interesting. Are there further informations about this game on the web?


Not that I know. if you want to play the alpha, you need to become a patron in the 3$ or more range.


I’ll agree with @tasse-tee and @BigRedButton: Sounds interesting. Keep us updated! :slight_smile: