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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention


Oh, so @tasse-tee was only visiting?

Well, @PiecesOfKate usually does. But she also lives in my :brain:. That way I also know what she knows and I know I have to mention The X-Files and Skid Row when I want to impress her, even though I CANNOT STAND both of them.


How can you disappoint me like this @sushi I thought we were friends.


ok, ok… I put AFAIR didn’t I?
Turned out I didn’t remember correctly and mixed up with Ignacio who’s from Argentina

Enrico… Ignacio… that’s like more than 50% of the letters in common…
Don’t :gun: the :fish: with :poop:for :brain:


So… will she call you out on the message first? Or on the grammatical error there?
Bets are open, people!


Yes! She popped over for a cuppa and to talk about the weather.


Keep it up, boyo.

Our brains really must be intertwined as I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Do you mean using ‘both’ instead of ‘either’? :thinking:




I thought it wasn´t as much of an error per se, as bad language. :frowning:


Oh no! Now I’ll be sleeping with the fishes tonight!
… hold on…


That´s gotta be the first time outside of a Clash song that I see that word.



[pedantic mode on] That is the definition of a grammatical error, as opposed to a spelling error :woman_teacher: [pedantic mode off]

So… any new nice adventure games that are being developed these days?


Yeah, it didn’t really set off my radar.

I don’t use it much. Thought I’d try it out.

Tut, why are you going off- oh.


Yes, he is. From Rimini, as he stated once.
Or, as some of you have noticed, he lives in the town of Milan.


Yeah, this is his website: :rofl:

So, @milanfahrnholz is possessed!!! :japanese_ogre:


What did it say? What DID IT SAY?! WHAT DID IT SAY?!?!?!?!? :scream:


I played the demo and I enjoyed it a lot. I decided to back the project. If you’re on the fence please think about it. Funding is not secure yet… close but not quite there.


Cool, I haven’t played the demo yet but I did back the project after it was posted here.


I’ll give the demo a try!


Coming in 2018: A Rite from the Stars and Bleeding Moons (from Phoenix Online Studios)


A Rite from the Stars:

Bleeding Moons:


Sol705 got funded today. Looking forward to play this next year:


Hi guys! Nice to see so many fellow adventure gamers in one place :smile:

I’m Lars - a 36 year old Danish game developer currently working on a point and click adventure game called “Ո Օ Ո - The First Warp”. I’m doing it solo - one man. I’ve chosen the solo path in hopes that I can give the game exactly the feeling I’m aiming for.

The story will take you through a few places on Earth and many places on 4-5 other inhabited planets in the Milkyway. You play as the Alien “Ո Օ Ո” that one day mysteriously disappears from his home.

My overall intention is to pack the game with humor and nice “A-ha!” experiences :smile:

I’m making it so you can control each planet’s day and night cycle to give an extra dimension to the puzzles (and the story)

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.
The game has it’s home here should you be interested


Looks beautiful!
What engine are you using if you don’t mind me asking?
Looking forward to see more!