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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention


Let me guess Unity or Clickteam Fusion…?


Any details on the digital download? Steam is 90% less interesting.


Yup a DRM free version on GOG would be nice.


Or :slight_smile:


Thanks for your interest! I ended up rolling my own engine from scratch based on the Qt 5 framework. I’m using as much QML as I can as it really fit the bill in regard to what you need in an adventure engine.

I was close to choosing Godot though - but I ended up with Qt because of the property binding features in the QML language.

The deployment process with Qt is painful though :slight_smile:


Custom engine based on Qt 5 :slight_smile:



@larpon The colour choice on this page is unfortunate :slight_smile:


Huh? :slight_smile: on my device everything is readable? What am I missing?


Black text on a dark brown-gray background is very hard to read. :slight_smile: In Firefox your page looks like this:




Thanks a lot for pointing it out guys! I had no idea my page had this problem. On all my browsers it looks like this:

I’ll try to fixit ASAP - thanks!

If you can provide me with your OS and browser version I’d be grateful
Sorry - I see it now on itch - fix incoming :slight_smile:


Waiting for it…


Everything and everything. >_> (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, various Chromia, Firefoxen, WebKittens…)

(Admittedly I didn’t bother testing my ancient IE XP VMs and stuff like that.)


Crime Code - detective adventure: “Detective simulator & Point-and-click adventure New Chicago 1970s, Noir, PixelArt”


Unforeseen Incidents is on sale on Gog:


Looks great to me!


I look forward to 3 minutes to midnight:

Looks gorgeous to me.


Oh, cool! Thanks for the hint.

The first part is on sale at the moment:

Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon

The game is hilarious and has an interesting concept in question the suspects. It’s worth the 5 Euros. :slight_smile:

/edit: Website here:


Yep. And looks a little bit like the Runaway series. :slight_smile:


Ah, Runaway is new to me. Is it good? It’s on sale in GOG.