Upcoming book "The Sierra Adventure"

“The Sierra Adventure” is a non-fiction book about the early giant of computer gaming, Sierra On-Line.

The Kickstarter campaign runs for the next 29 days: Starting with ~10 EUR you get the eBook, for ~25 or ~37 EUR you additionally get softcover or hardcover book.
Shipping to Europe is cheap (IMHO it looks too cheap):

You may have heard of the campaign creator: Shawn Mills.
With Steven Alexander he was co-founder of Infamous Quests.


Wait until you get the customs/import/post office handling bill


Hardcover book plus shipping to Europe is only about 44 EUR, you’d have to pay VAT but at least no import duties.
Handling by customs typically costs around 10 EUR for me.

Problematic are Kickstarters where you spend hundreds of Dollars for virtual goods and then you need to show them invoice and payment… (e.g. TWP)

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