Incremental patches and notification of patch releases

I have noticed that whenever I check if there is a new patch available, it actually cannot be installed, since the version I had installed is the wrong version (older than the last one I guess). Installing the full latest version works fine each time, but it is a bit annoying because it is a much longer download (and installation I presume).
If only GOG could let me know there is a new patch available or is there another way to be notified?

any ideas?

In GOG, in order to install the latest patch, you need to install all other patches in the chronological order first.

the issue is that only the latest incremental patch is shown

It’s currently showing patches 862, 864 and 881 for me.

on Linux, yes. But not on Windows

How do you get patches in GoG? I only see the installer with the full game.

I think it’s only for the Linux (one for each increment) and Windows versions.

Ah. Thanks. I’m on a Mac.