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Patch for cd version

I’m a backer and i’ve bought another boxed version from fangamers…i was wandering if it would be possible to have a patch that i can apply to the cd version of the game without installing all the game from gog. The patch from gog is not working and i’m a real RetroGamer :blush: I prefer having the patch usable for my cd version…
Thanks so much

Why not just download the full installer from GOG and burn it to a DVD?

Wow, as backers we have had a lot of things but … not a working and complete physical version of the game. Fantastic.

The DVD needs to be pressed months before they are available, it’s just not feasible for the current version on the CD, that’s why we gave everyone who got the boxed version a FREE GOG code. GOG is DRM free as well. Building an updater into the DVD version would have been a) A lot of work or b) Forced everyone to use GOG. Giving people a free GOG code seemed like a good and fair solution. I sorry you were disappointed.

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No problem here :blush: I thought it would be a simple process upgrade the latest patch to be compatible with the DVD version of the game…
Thanks anyway for this awesome game

Part of the problem is we don’t distribute updates as “patches” in the typical sense. We build an entirely new version, then Steam or GOG breaks them up into binary patches that we have no control over.

Is this meant to be ironic? The version on the DVD is fully playable.

Yes and no. :wink: GOG generates a patch only for the Windows version and only for the last version. For example at the moment I can only download a patch that updates version “15785” to the current version “16554”. On Mac and Linux I have to install the whole game again. (Don’t know how this works with/within Galaxy.)

I would have preferred to wait more months since it was clear from the beginning we will get the arcade, but it was clearly playable so I don’t know what he meant.

Ironic? Not at all.

Ron, let’s understand each other well. The game is fantastic, certainly one of the best of the last 30 years this is out of the question and the work done for the boxed edition is up to the game.
That said, it will be difficult to explain my disappointment as collector, it seems that here there are few collectors. Perhaps an example is more practical, I only keep books in the library that I read flipping through the pages to the last and not for beauty or to make a scene, maybe then downloading the e-books to read.
To conclude as a backer I’m very satisfied, as a collector I’m dissatisfied and as those who spent over $ 200 (since I bought back a second copy of the game to open but if I had known that it was not patched I would have avoided) are equally dissatisfied.
One last thing, for me it’s annoying to receive from the staff answers by e-mail like this I copy and paste: "Those people are buying the physical version because they want the feelies and want to put something on a shelf (some people don ’ t even open the box at all). "
I’m not among them and I sometimes play again with my old Amiga 500.
In any case, congratulations for the game, your imagination has remained the same as always and that we expected.

Especially as a collectors item (in contrast to simply a medium to get the game into the hands of players ASAP), making sure it contains (or at least can be updated to) the latest and greatest version of the game might have made sense. In so far, I can relate to your gripes.

Personally, I have not opened mine yet, if only for the “Win/Mac/Linux” sticker that has been attached to the shrink wrap instead of the box. O what foolishness! It’s what would have made the whole thing even more authentic, and a reminder of the good ol’ days when we had more computer systems than ways to hang toilet paper.

No. They had to order more copies of the box.

Please don’t speak for all of us: I am a collector, I spent far more than 200 US-Dollars for TWP and I am fully satisfied.

Sorry, but I can’t get your point: The box contains more exclusive and collectible and game related stuff than other boxes I bought in the last years - and even in the 1990s. Even Infocom had only a few boxes with similar “feelies”. The box was made with love.

The game on the DVD is working and stable. And you get exactly what you bought: The full game, DRM free.

Then why do you have bought the box? A DVD can’t be updated so it will never have the latest game version on it. Never. Just have a look at Monkey Island: The original version in the box was full of bugs. Same goes with Broken Sword 5 or The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

Long story short: What do you want? A self-updating-DVD?


Yes! Don’t! I am also fully satisfied and super happy! All day every day!

And here it gets controversial…
The arcades were supposed to be added later and this was known.

I don’t know of any problematic and game breaking bug. I’m certainly glad we didn’t get the very first release version of TWP on DVD since it contained about 6 game breaking bugs which were fixed in the first week.
(Some people may complain about not getting the physical release at the same time as the digital release, I’m actually happy to wait longer to get a good working version; most [AAA] games distribute Steam versions on DVD so they don’t need to care at all about the game’s state when pressing DVDs.)

No. The purpose of a nice DRM-free physical release is to have a game which in a decade from now I can pop in a “vintage PC” or virtual machine and be able to play. Without having to hunt down cracks and also not requiring bugfixes/patches because of some dreadful blackscreen-of-death-bug after loading the games menu etc.
And I certainly don’t want to rely on some fishy online service like Steam to be able to play such game.

I am not dissatisfied for sure but I do see room for improvement :slight_smile:

Yes, but not part of the “original” game (and AFAIR never promised to be in the game). Same with the Ransome-DLC. I see the version with the arcades as a “Directors Cut”. It’s a bonus that is not necessary to solve the game or to follow the story.

Wasn’t it you that posted a list with known bugs in Monkey Island? AFAIR there were game breaking bugs in it.

Regarding TWP: I played and solved the first version without discovering any bugs. (And that one is not on the DVD.)

But that’s the case with the TWP DVD. :slight_smile: And you can play it without a “blackscreen-of-death-bug”. Beside that, every customer gets the current DRM free version on GOG. So you will be able to play the game in the future anyway.

I honestly don’t know what would make you happy. We’re not done with TWP yet, there will be at least one more update, maybe two. Should we have waited for more than a year after release to do the box? If I had embedded Steam or GOG on the DVD people could have bitched and complained. I very purposely did not do that. We worked very hard on that box, spent way more money on it that we budgeted, all so we could fill it with fun stuff. Back in the day, none of the floppies or DVD’s updated. I’m really not sure what you’re asking to happen. How would updating the DVD would help you anyway. 20 years from now it’s unlikely the servers would still be around? If you want to burn a new DVD, you can do that right now. Download it from GOG and burn a DRM-free DVD.

Sorry if I’m a little irritated, but we worked very hard on this box, did everything we realistically could to make backers happy, went overboard with the box, so it’s frustrating when people just complain.


Ransome-DLC is something completely different, hence it’s called DLC. Although also kinda promised and they really want to do it it’s nothing guaranteed.

The arcade didn’t make it in the first release build because they ran out of time, but they said it will come with an update, i.e. it was promised and I do think it belongs to the original game. (The arcade room and token stuff was actually already in the game files.)

The bug lists for MI1 and MI2 were originally posted by @LogicDeLuxe on the blog. He also created the Ultimate Editions.

I completed the same first version and only encountered one proper bug.
The version on the DVD is not the very first release build which I am happy about. i.e. its bug-level is fine.
But it could have been more complete (i.e. with arcades) by waiting only a couple of months.

I didn’t complain about the buggyiness and playability. I made more of a general statement about my expectations of proper DRM-free physical releases, i.e. not releases which just contain a Steam key which you get with most AAA games.

I’m not expecting a self-updating-DVD, that’s what I have the GOG version for. But when the version on my shelf contains a disk I want it to be as bugfree (at least most game breaking bugs fixed) and complete as reasonable possible.

In case of TWP it’s really only the arcade I would have preferred to be included, otherwise it’s perfect.

That would have delayed the box to hundreds of backers. That is just not realistic.

Which I appreciate, it was awesome with all those feelies! In fact due to George messing up I’ve got to put my box under my Christmas tree :slight_smile: (who doesn’t like to give gifts themselves…)

Which is the reason I want a physical release as complete as possible.

Sorry to hear, I know a lot of people have worked hard on a lot of aspects of this game and sometimes criticism can blend out all the great receptions and comments you’ve got, well-deserved :frowning:

I’ve backed hundreds of Kickstarter projects and every physical release less than a year after its digital release is actually a miracle!

Where can we send feature requests to? :smiley:

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