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Uploading images from mobile gallery

When using this forum via mobile phone, if I want to include a picture in my message, I tap on “Upload”, but it let me choose only between “camera” or “video”.
Is there a way to choose an image from the gallery to upload?

I’ve definitely uploaded from mobile before on iOS. Are you on android? It might just be what Android is offering up when the upload functionality is triggered.

I’m using the app on Android and I get a big list of options.

I’m using Android 4.4.2 on a Samsung S5 mini. The browser is Chrome.
When I tap on “Upload” the options I see are:

  • camera
  • video camera
  • android system
  • documents
    The first two allow me to take a live picture/video and upload it. The last two allow only doc or music, not images.
    I have no idea how to choose a picture from the gallery :disappointed:

It’s strange, on any other app where an image choice is required, the gallery icon is always present. Maybe it could depend on the browser?

(Using “Documents”, it opens a file browser, and I found an option to browse all file and folders!)

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