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Background not visible


Since yesterday, on my mobile, the background under the main title is no more visible:


I noticed that too. But now it’s fixed for me. Maybe updates. Something changed in the input window for new messages, too. I was puzzled for 5 minutes since I couldn’t find the icon for adding images.

EDIT: back on my laptop, and the background is gone again, while the image icon is back on its place. As far as I understand you have the opposite problem: working on desktop, not working on mobile.


I’ve been having the same problem on desktop in the past few days.


I’ve tried to refresh, but

That doesn't seem to work.

Same here.

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Me too on this browser, but I still have another one with a cached picture. :smiley:

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Here you go folks, straight from the cache. :wink:


Is anyone still unable to see the Background?