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Using Windows Store save games with Steam


I got it working :slight_smile:

UWP file format seems to be:

8 unknown bytes
png thumbnail (which ends with magic number 0x426082)
followed by the savegame data (ie:

I extracted everything after the png end marker, renamed it as and it worked.


I think Windows 10 is ok: there are lots of improvements (the Linux subsystem works really well!).

What’s wrong is this UWP/Store stuff and the fact they do anything to push it forward (like allowing to package standard win32 apps and release them).


I personally don’t like the elephantness of W10, the lack of drivers to let older hardware to work, and the officiousness of Cortana. OK, I can permanently deactivate it by touching certain internal settings in the registry, but I don’t think that’s fair.
Every user must have an easy chance to deactivate it, if it’s too much irritating.

Anyway, we are going off-topic now.
Glad that your issue has been (partially) resolved!


A stand alone Linux system works even better. :wink:

Don’t forget the need for activation (Ok, that’s also true for Win7) and the annoying in-game upgrade system.


Well done.