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WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)



@Ideal and @milanfahrnholz: Can you please switch to English? Maybe others would like to participate or at least read your discussions.


Either you or @tasse-tee can translate if you like. I don´t think there is much of a discussion to be had here, tbh.


Ich würde mir weniger Gedanken darüber machen wer’s, wann, wo, zu wem gesagt hat.

Viel wichtiger ist der Inhalt und die Überprüfung der Realität. Man kann das Ganze noch dahingehend erweitern, dass zur Stütze der großen Lüge(n), uns viele kleine Lügen erzählt werden.


Well, you feed the troll. :wink:


If you only apply your epistemology selectively to things you dislike, it’s no good.


I was actually a bit curious where he would be going with this, but you´re right of course.


Ich weiß gar nicht warum Du so pampig bist. Setz doch das was Dir an Hirn zur Verfügung steht ein.

Da hast Du am Ende des Tages doch mehr davon, als wenn Du nur rumpöbelst.


Can you please write in English?


Would that improve the content, though? :thinking:

(or are you thinking what I am thinking?)


I think so. :slight_smile:


@ideal please continue the discussion in English from now on. This is an English-speaking forum and everyone should be able to understand your posts.


Maybe, if there’s a more grown up attitude and reasonable input.

It’s easy to be precise with these things in German (you think and write), in English it takes more time. I guess a political thread in Japanese could be fun. Nein! - Doch! - Ohh!


Then just take your time. This is not a real-time chat. :slight_smile:


A brief quiz that should help us find a placing among the European political parties. I found almost all the arguments broached very interesting and important. I hope it’s not only the preoccupation to intercept the popular sentiment that brought to such arguments, and they will effectively discussed and (maybe) solved in the next legislature. Anyway don’t miss this vote.

As expected the collocation for me is closer to the Left, Socialists and Democrats and the Greens.




Interesting. My result is the party that I wouldn’t ever vote!


Vote Caponian!

You know you want to:


Pirate Party closely followed by Greens (84% vs. 83.3% match). Who would have guessed …


I really like how the key arguments for and against are laid out in a coherent and balanced way. It got me really interested in thinking about my points of view and what the future might look like.

That is, until I realised I won’t be a part of it. :sweat: