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WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)


Yes, your doubt are all well founded, and that’s probably why Corbyn himself isn’t very likely to have the new referendum as a point of his program, since it could turn in a major minus (eheh). Probably only with a real change in political and administrative powers of EU a better dialectics could rise between UK and EU. The reformist way for Europe never was an option, because center-left parties in all Europe embraced uncritically European policies, originating this distorted dialectics we have now. Many areas of Europe were left behind, and the funny article someone showed claims how the areas and people) not served by European investments were those who voted to leave. Real changes are very slow, and the weight of change cannot be carried on the shoulders of only a generation, which have to fight too many things in the uncertainty of a better future. UK will remain or not, a deep phase of rethinking Europe “for the many” has to be opened. My vision was and still is to open it by hook, unfortunately being unheard will mean it will be opened by crook.


I was about to post the very same pic. I received it via whatsapp and loved it.

I like the fact that you, as a party pooper, post the image and its spoiler with it! :grinning:


To be fair, snopes do that in all their tweets. I think they find not confusing people more important than clickbaiting.


Yeah, a colleague showed me the same pic, a day or two before it was posted here. I don’t do Whatsapp, so am usually cut off from stuff like this.

As for Brexit, the posts above make it sound as if the reasons behind that decision were of a social nature (unless I am grossly misinterpreting what was said; wouldn’t surprise me). I dimly remember that some arguments were along those lines, like the money no longer owed the EU being invested in healthcare or some such, but I can hardly believe that it will come to that.

I do agree though that there’s clearly a social deficit in the EU. I guess the recurring fallacy is that thriving corporations will indirectly benefit society, so corporate taxes are lowered and worker rights abolished, in the name of staying “competitive”. As long as the EU members do not band together and stop that race to the bottom, social aspects will always fall by the wayside. Company tax breaks have to be financed somehow, after all!


I know it is most likely a very terrible thing, but dang that Kavanaugh hearing is entertaining! :popcorn:


Anxiously waiting for the election results. Did my duty by mail weeks ago. How about you @kaiman ?


My reaction:

:smiley: :cry:


I’m no longer living in Bavaria, so no fun for me, unfortunately. OTOH, while it would be quite easy to rule out which parties not to vote, I’d probably have had a hard time deciding who might be worthy. So maybe I am actually fortunate :slight_smile:.


I decided to support the hopeful opposition. And it seems I was not alone in that. So while we could do without even more morons in the Landtag at least they didn´t take over!


Weißt Du eigentlich für was für einen faschistoiden Kapitalismus die Grünen in Wirklichkeit stehen? Die Anfänge mit der CIA, völkerrechtswidrige Bomardierung souveräner Staaten, die Durchsetzung transatlantischer Interessen, die Generierung von Flüchtlingsursachen, Waffenexporte, Verstrickungen mit der alten Energie-Garde, Zersetzung der Demokratie in Deutschland, Unterstützung der NATO-Kriegs-Maschinerie etc.

Da muss man schon besonders ‘beseelt’ sein oder ist man eher naiv, uninformiert und der Medien-Propaganda auf den Leim gegangen? Deine nicht vorhandene Argumentation klingt genauso böse und inhaltsleer wie die der Grünen.


Auf Landesebene? Ist klar, ne?


Die Geschichte und die Fakten sprechen eine eindeutige Sprache, außer: Dir gefällt die Folklore.


Dann erklär doch mal wofür du wärst, interessiert mich jetzt.


Jeez, is that true? Here the Greens are traditionally allied of the left. It seemed to me in Bavaria they eroded votes from CSU taking a centrist but secular position (as for economy and social rights) but keeping distance from the anti-immigration turn of CSU and criticizing the politics of strict austerity from Europe. That’s why it seemed to me a clever political position.
Maybe I need to inform and read more about it.


No, you´re right.


I came to view the greens as the new conservatives. And I think their results are somewhat indicative of the impression. What I really miss is a party for the small, common people (I mean one that isn’t capitalizing on people’s fears, but actually working on raising social standards). As I said, did I have to vote, I likely would have had to go with one of the “others”.


I can clearly understand you, and probably would have done the same as you. Too bad all the big social-democratic parties in Europe are lowering dramatically their electoral consensus. I tend to see a reason in the fact they strongly supported the neo-liberism and globalization of the last twenty years without having the vision of also correcting the distortion that derived from that, in terms of social and labour rights and distribution of wealth. More than half of the people (friends and relatives of mine) which voted center-left, are now shifting with belief to the Five Star movement here for example, which has a strong green component. The detachment from the electorate is deep, and it will need a deep change, rebuilding those parties, their answers to the social questions of today, the way they interact with the people and the allies they choose.


The reason I didn´t do that this time was because it looked like it could have been a tight competition with the greens and AFD so it looked like every vote for them could be one against them. And I (and luckily others) were right.


Wo soll ich da anfangen?

Das Thema ist komplex, und damit es nicht übermütig wirkt, muss man weit ausholen und die Zusammenhänge herleiten. Erst dann ergibt sich aus den einzelnen Bruchstückchen ein fertiges verständliches Bild, in dem man das Wirken von Macht, des Kapitalismus, die Interessen von ‘Kasten’, der Industrie, des Militärs, des Tiefen Staates, und somit Politik, global, versteht.

Bei dieser Wahl hast Du keine Wahl. Alle Parteien spielen ihren Part in einer Scheindemokratie - die nachdem die Rechtsstaatlichkeit außer Kraft gesetzt wurde, immer offener zum Faschismus (im Sinne der Märkte) mutiert. Dabei erfüllen die etablierten Parteien wie die Neuen ihre Funktion, die Menschen in diesem System gefangen zu halten. Es wird keine System relevanten Veränderungen mit diesen Parteien geben. Die Menschen werden sukzessive ihrer Souveränität beraubt; gleiches geschieht auf europäischer Ebene.

Die Interessenskonflikte haben ihren Ursprung in der Kolonialzeit. Von da an kannst Du Geschichte aufarbeiten. Du solltest Dich aber um gute und objektive Quellen bemühen. Hierbei reicht es nicht, sich auf Wikipedia (System bereinigt), die Öffentlich Rechtlichen (die ihrem Staatsvertrag in keinster Weise mehr nachkommen) oder unsere Presse (die wenigen Milliardärsfamilien gehört) sich zu beschränken. Sie alle wirken zu ihren Gunsten und im Sinne der Siegermächte (einer der Flows: Deep State -> CIA -> BND -> Redaktionsvorgabe).

Die Grünen spielen eine verlogene Rolle in diesem Spiel.

Jutta Ditfurth hat ein paar wahre Worte über die Grünen und ihre Wähler verloren.

Es ist ein spannendes und trauriges Thema, in dem die Menschen nur gewinnen, wenn sie sich wehren.

Das, ist die aktuelle Vorgabe - nicht nur in Deutschland.


Also nicht wählen. Verstanden. Was also tun? Auswandern? Sich bewaffnen und einen Bunker für den Notfall rüsten? Was denn nun?