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WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)


Which one? If you want to tell.

Why? Aren’t we all here because we like pirates? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I mean Guybrush and co.


Well, I remember us talking about these things and you said

“I don´t know much about politics but…”

next thing I know you showered me in a plethora of progressive, liberal and open minded world views and I thought “well, you make it look so simple!” and I felt relieved! :relieved:


Apparently I matched most closely with one Mercedes Bresso, 87.72%, whatever that means:


Three options how to deal with politics and our future on this planet.

a) The hard one:

You inform yourself about what’s going on. This can take up 2-3 months up to 2-3 years, depending on how much time you’re willing to invest, how quickly you learn and how deep you want to dig into the subjects. This is not the easy route and you might not like what you see, but afterwards you understand how the world is working. Most people don’t want to go back into the Matrix.

This is enables you to make reasonable decisions, change your life, get active because otherwise there is no hope for an utopia aynmore.

b) The easy way:

Desinform yourself by mainstream media, and make bad decisions based on the false information the shadow government and deep state want you to believe. You are being used and misguided, and so will the outcomes of your decisions not reflect your interests. This leads into a dystopia built for a very few, not the many.

c) The no way:

Without going to vote, you’re probably part of the biggest ‘party’ of many elections. The problem is, that those who have the power, don’t care and will go on with their agenda. If you don’t believe into the changes within a system, get up, be active, collaborate, organise yourselves and rebel.


I partially agree with you but… without the Matrix part.

I mean is also the lack of involvement by many people that contributes to generate a surplus of power for the few. Democracy works if there’s a demos which participate. To investigate the lack of participation is another important matter. And, as you said, to participate means also to get informed, to actively do politics, in the wider sense of participating to the common activities of the polis, to make ourselves questions about the common life.
Probably if we read the Matrix metaphor closer to a high-tech reinterpretation of the myth of the cave, we get a better sense. Paradoxically we are immersed into information media, thanks to the new technologies, but we often lack the deepnees of thought (it’s from recent studies that the internet and in particular the social media encouraged us to the brief thinking, and to elaborate less complex and long concepts)*. Also the information has to be tested and lived into reality. Furthermore, an overload of information should simply let us turn aside, because our brain needs also rest.
Then developing mental structures that allow us to elaborate the information and distinguish between a good source, a good processing of information by the writer, is becoming more and more important to navigate into this vast sea of data. Many people just get tired, they prefer a very superficial information, while getting deeper requires attention and also suffering sometimes, and the ability to analyze reality.

*I myself have made this mistake sometimes in this very thread and in other posts in these forums, making hasty statements, some other times consciously for the sake of provoking.


Video interesting… Me vote now…




Someone named Harnwell acquired the management of a medieval benedectine monastery on the Appennine mountains (near Rome) with the will of founding a school of populism with Steve Bannon

Like we were running out of fools here.


Oh we got the same with our Stupid as Shit Princess of Thurn and Taxis.

There were rumours she wants to invite him to her castle in Regensburg to hold speeches. She has denied them so far, but it would totally suit her.


So, you’re against freedom of speech? No friend of Voltaire? Who do you think, has the right thoughts, which are worthy and allowed being communicated?


Basically me and nobody else, thanks for asking.


Thanks, buddy!


Take a look at your history regarding political subjects.


But seriously, if you´re the kinda guy who seriously thinks it´s okay for a town to rent public sports halls to neo nazi parties “because of free speech” then talking with you about this doesn´t make much sense, does it?

I remember my views, because they are mine. I also remember that I´m talking to a flat earther.

The only immature and cowardly thing to do would be to insult someone in a language that isn´t spoken by this forums moderators.


Don´t worry your company is growing. There is the Reichsbürgerbewegung für instance. Or how about Die Identitären? There are many chemtrail truthers, flatearthers and many small but growing party movements everywhere. So even though Dr Axel Stoll and Udo Ulfkotte aren´t with you anymore there are enough people who see the whole picture, believe me!

I believe there are even lots of forums where you will find many people who will agree with you.

Just a small hint. :wink:


Do you still think in terms of left and right?


Nope, the whole israel/palestine issue has made obvious that things are more complicated than that.

This has nothing to do with that.

Hold on, am I still arguing with somebody who uses Joseph Goebbles quotes as arguments?
Sorry, my bad.
Happy new year everybody!


It’s all connected.

You could try to evolve an understanding of how our world ticks, who owns and rules it …

As we’re here already, you could start small by looking at the Washington Post. Who is the owner of the newspaper? What’s their ideology? What are the interests behind? How valid is the ‘information’ provided by the Post if you check their infos and opinions with other media, the reality and facts (as close as you can get). Now you could do the same for other media. If you’ve identified a few oligarchs, patterns might show up … it takes some time but it’s worth the effort, if you’re interested in the world you’re living in.


But Bannon is the good guy, right? :roll_eyes:


Again, I´m sorry you guys!