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WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)


Please allow me to take part of this conversation, since I’m the poster of the article. We can’t be in this world having no opinions, no relations, and no contacts with forms of power. So it is for the Washington Post. This is the reality.

I’ve always been critical towards some choises by European institutions in the last few years, like mister Harnwell and Steve Bannon. But the difference between me and them, is that my criticism, even if strong, is aimed to build a better Europe, not to destroy it. I have no need to refer to neo-fascist, unrespectful people to bring my ideas ahead.

I think that in many parts of the world, politics is degrading into populism, instead of correcting itself with popularism. Because the use of internet, the fast and immediate connections allow people to know immediately what’s happening (often with the illusion of having them deeply uderstood). So the populists aim to control them to be part of a new oligarchy, interpretating their will. I don’t think this is the right way.
Political parties have to be the interpreter of the people’s turmoil, never rejecting them, but correcting them by the light of reason and compassion, and by the means of economic analysis, with dialogue and internal debate bringing political positions into the parliaments.


There exist different ideas by different groups about how the world could be ruled best, serving their purposes.

Offering alleged alternatives has a long history as a tool of staying in power too.


Like @Gffp I know what lobbyism is, and I think that is something we can all agree about.


This world is ruled by oligrachs and interest groups I’ve mentioned in other posts before since a pretty long time. The world we’re living in, is a result of this from of ‘government’. This isn’t about some shady from of lobbyism, this is about owning and controlling the world on whole different level.

It takes willingness to reevaluate what you seem to know, time to process data and build some knowledge. In posts from Milan there often are strong opinions but that doesn’t help, a three year old can have strong opinions, it’s important that those opinions are based on knowledge in various fields, otherwise all the energy is wasted into a wrong direction.

Terms like populism, conspiracy theory … are labels. They are tools to discredit thesis and opinions which aren’t conform with the official fascistic from of thinking, best mixed with obviously absurd views in order to discredit them even further. You should be able to look at the content, not get upset by a label.

If you think politics are degrading, than you haven’t understood how politics are influenced and meant to work, most ‘democratic’ countries are ruled by pseudo democracies. What’s changing is the ruthlessness and greed politics are being used in order to enrich those who are in control, but not the system, it’s the same.


It´s the Rothschilds again, isn´t it? :roll_eyes:

Really, you all but mentioned the name, it´s so obvious. Can´t you take your tinfoil head to where people actually listen to you? Bye!


Lame attempt trying to insinuate something on playing the jews card. If you’re interested in role of finacial capitalists in this game (regardless of their persuasion) , study history and economics. Try to come up with real arguments and some substance but beware it needs some time and it might be more complicate than playing games, watching movies and posting on this forum.


Gimme a list of books to read.


Why should I? No idea what you have in mind but I doubt that you’re really interested in reading such books. Secondly published works and information and about these subjects is widely available. So, if you really want to, give Google (or the search machine you trust) a try.


Because it would make it easier to get the real non biased information, because as you say there is a lot of misinfo out there.

So are you interested to actually pass on the real information to one more person (i.e. do something productive) or would you prefer to insult me a little bit more instead?

So what exactly do you want me to google to get the results that have the real info, then?

I don´t exactly want to google “shadow government”

By being so vague you´re only running the risk of me running into MORE misinformation, that is all I´m saying!


With all due respect, gentlemen, I think this is going nowhere.
Even who say “look at the contents” has a label on his forehead, and maybe without realizing it, sticks labels on other people’s foreheads as well.
So please, gentlemen, stop it, since the discussion isn’t interesting.
Obviously you can go on privately, but sincerely I don’t think it would be worth it. Just, please, make an effort to keep this place a nice and productive place for everybody :blush:


But, but, but. Don´t you want to learn about the people who REALLY control this world? Are you this brainwashed already? I´m so close to being enlightened!


So, your suggestion to a discussion is, not to discuss, in order not to cause any friction and debate about conflicts? Well, it easy to see, where such societies end up.


Let me try to remember, so far, a major part of our conversations went a way like: someone triggered a topic, I added my point of view and tried to explain it (which due to some strange reasons matches more with the reality than your opinions), then there mostly came, let’s be friendly, ‘unlucky’ answers, and you’re doing your best on proofing this right with ever post. Again: Why should I?!


So you rather keep on insulting me, instead of showing you actually have something productive to say for yourself?

Let me remind you that this started with me saying something negative about Steve Bannon, you obviously disagreed with. And then you insulted me, and kept on doing so.

And everytime somebody (not just me) wants clear answers you back out, like you do now.

So why should I consider you an authority on anything, if the best you can do is insult people (not just me btw) ?

So please reconsider your tone here, then people might start taking you serious.


Come on, no more boring accussations, please. I neither agreed nor disagreed on Bannon with you. What I generally reject is your aggressive way of taking party for one side without that you give the impression that you have an idea about what’s going on. You’re offering opinion pure but without knowledge. I also dislike your way of asking for further info and afterwards trying to bash people, without thinking about what has been written, with one of your exaggerated, off mind constructed shallow lines (which might be just your style).


Ditto! :point_down:

That´s some broad generalising, by the way. :point_up: Name one more person other than you who I have “bashed”, go ahead!


So, which party (already an instrument for less democracy) do you think will be the best for the europeans (if you want generalize and ignore the fact that not all countries are acting as an union, are more interested in getting the best out of the EU or need to protect themselves from the madness certain puppets cause in the EU) in the upcoming European elections?


Why should I answer your suggestive questions when you constantly refuse to answer mine?

Give it up, this leads nowhere. Bye!


I learned my lesson from answering your ‘questions’ but there is no suggestive part in my question about which party you would favor (if you have a public opinion based on knowledge about their advertised political programs). Apart from this, it’s no secret that the citizens of the EU would be in need of a V2 of the EU, as it’s rotten and not built for the people.


OK, I think that’s enough.

Ideal, really reconsider how you behave on the forums. This is no longer acceptable. You’ve got three months to do so.
I’ve received multiple complaints about your behaviour and I must say they’re all warranted. You’ve also decided to ignore my warnings and continue to post in German, probably thinking I won’t be able to understand that you’re insulting other users. You’re wrong there, though. :wink: