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WARNING: dangerous topic (politics!)


Naive… never heard about Google translate?


Which reminds me that Twitter has this build in Microsoft Translator that can translate anything that is in any other language but your own.

And sometimes I tweet in german…

So…any…any of you guys ever used that function for me? :angel:


Sometimes I did. I also wished a happy New year in Finnish to @Festarossa :grin:


To be fair, I mostly tweet in german when I think the content is only of relevance to my german speaking followers. Apart from that I´m international. :slight_smile:



For a moment there I thought you inserted every flag individually from the emoji panel :laughing:


So, it worked! :smile:

(I should have capped my screenshot better to remove that line at the top for better effect) .


That’s what made me suspicious, then I tapped a flag to check, heheh.


No, but the other day during my ~biweekly Facebook visit I had to tell it to never translate French again. It’s not impossible that I’ve done the same for German on Twitter.