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Was Boris killed by... (Spoilers)


Is it technically possible?

It’s simple: Boris goes toward the sewer entrance and Willie just follows him and hits him.

The shadow that hits Boris seems to wear a hat and possibly a trench coat, just like Willie.

Means: Willie hits Boris with the whisky bottle
Motive: Willie kills Boris to get his money (and he does get his money)
Opportunity: WIllie and Boris are the only people there, nobody would see Willie committing the murder

Is it technically possible that the Murder was him?

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Of course! it would mean he has achieved the means for teleportation, but in this game´s world anything is possible.

Which action would have been impossible without teleportation?

Sneaking by Boris through all that cracky high grass and water to the other side of the screen without him noticing and arriving there before him?

Also obviously you assume he was only pretending to be drunk out of his mind, because that would have made this already difficult task a lot harder.

Boris doesn’t make any sound while going through the bushes, so it’s logical to assume that Willie wouldn’t have made any sound as well.

Boris makes a little noise only when he crosses the river but when he is in the bushes a small sound from the river wouldn’t have reached him.

No need to arrive before him. The person that hits Boris comes from the left, exactly where a person following Boris would have appeared.

He is drunk but not so much. He pretends to fall asleep.

What´s your point? Making people who freed Willie from prison feel bad? Disregarding the whole final chapters of the game?

I got one more question for you:

Don´t think you think Delores should have just walked away? She had a choice to keep on living in a simulation but living nontheless or not existing at all and taking lots of unknowing souls with her. She never skipped a beat and more or less went straight for mass genocide. Don´t you think she might be the most evil person in the game afterall?

I don’t have a point to make, I’m just asking if there are details in the story that exclude the possibility that Willie is the murderer.

A lot of people think about the most complex explanations and sometimes this approach leads to overlook the most simple answer.

The final chapters don’t reveal anything about who murdered Boris.

Even the fact that Willie was framed is actually just an hypothesis. There is no evidence that someone actually framed Willie. At best, there are vague malevolent intentions by Chuck.

I don’t think that she did what she did out of evilness. Maybe she was just misguided or maybe she didn’t perceive the genocide for what it was.

Delores was my hero in the game. Now she is a mass murderer. :cry:

…Just kidding ofc. Chuck is my hero.

There’s no motivation for Willie. Someone who knew Boris set up the meeting, and it was obviously a trap, since he was required to come alone. Later, both the murder weapon and the bloodied wallet were planted on Willie (someone who Chuck hated anyway and was considered expendable).

Maybe Willie didn’t want to kill anyone. He just hit Boris to take his wallet.

Well, IF the icepick was the murder weapon, then its hard to imagine hitting someone so hard with that so you can steal their money, but not hard enough to puncture the skull. He would then maybe have used the handle of it instead…

Unless Willie has glowing red eyes and the ability to turn translucent, no, he could not have done it.

The ice pick was the murder weapon, not the item used to hit Boris and knocking him out.

As the agent says: “The victim was obviously knocked out here [the sewer entrance], then dragged over to the stream. I don’t see any blood, so I think he was actually killed in the water.”

So, we see a dark silhouette that wears a hat and a trench coat and that hits Boris. And we also have in the same place a person who wears a hat and a trench coat and has a bottle of whisky to be used to knock someone out.

Nobody put Boris’ wallet in Willie’s pockets. It was Willie who took the wallet.

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Right, the red eyes don’t match.

Good point, totally missed that.

I just figured out the real reason Delores chooses to kill the everybody:

She knows that she is going to die an agonizing death due to carrying around that radioactive waste to the forest. So she despairs and think to *beep* with it all, just gonna end it now.


No, I don’t think Willie is the murderer. I think it was the Sheriff.

Willie was drunk/asleep at the time, so the killer could have taken the bottle and, after killing Boris, putting the wallet on the bum.

And, Boris was killed with an ice pick on the back of the neck. Now, ice picks are quite strong and pointy, but I don’t know if I’d be able to kill someone with a single hit from the back, even if unconscious. And I probably wouldn’t go for the head, I’d stab him in the chest multiple times. So, I suspect the killer had some great knowledge of the human body.

Like a coroner.


When is that said? I’ve never seen that line of dialogue. That is very revealing, indeed.

IIRC the agents say that if you look at the corpse more than once.

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