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Not related, but Reigns is now available in a “Game of Thrones” Edition:



Wreck the Party! Thanksgiving Edition

You have three minutes to clean the foot:





This looks like The Stanley Parable 2.0 :grinning:
I’ll check it out tomorrow!


Well, that was an interesting endurance test.
Got to 21 minutes and then had enough :grimacing:


How hard can it be not to push the @BigRedButton ?


@tasse-tee: You may like this game (you can play it in your browser):

Here is the commercial version on Steam:

It’s not as easy as it seems. :slight_smile:


Not only for @milanfahrnholz:



Don´t forget @Guga!


An adventure about money:


Way late to answer, but I’ve actually bought Influent in 2014. Have not used it much since then, but at the time it seemed like a good way to pick up some vocabulary in an entertaining fashion. I guess it’s no good to learn the intricacies of a language, but getting to know the names of everyday objects seems like a good start. Having tried various language learning tools over the years (software, CDs, books, index cards) I found that none of them make the process less of a chore, and Influent isn’t an exception to this. But it likely has the best presentation of all the different mediums I tried.


Speck of dust - the game:


Interesting :slight_smile:

One correction: It’s Specks of Dust - The Game; We already have Speck of Dust - The Game

Dust Bunnies - Dev from Another Place
Chuchel - Amanita Design


But in Chuchel you don’t have to pick the speck of dust up. :wink: Or do you have to? :thinking:


He (yes I’ve checked it: gender: male, colour: black) is picked up and thrown around all the time!


But isn’t the voice actor female?

But is he picked up by the player?


Why is this important?

I don’t know his gender, I’ve used the wiki above as my only source, it may be wrong.

Actors can voice different genders, especially kids or dusty individuals (e.g. voice actor of Bart Simpson is a woman).

Also not related to the thread but our current topic is this murder simulator: Dustforce DX.